Saturday, September 8, 2012

What's in Da Bag?

New season means time for a new purse. It also means time for some purse decluttering. The problem with big bags is the more you find to put in them.

I don't know how my shoulder handled it! How ridiculous was it that I had a mini bag (pink) with crap in it and a small Coach clutch with crap in it too!

So last weekend when I picked out a purse at Coach I opted for something smaller in the hopes I would carry less.

Let's see what made the cut!

1. My wallet. But I took all the cards I don't use and all the receipts and tossed them.

2. My life aka My iPhone.

3. Sunglasses. I had to get rid of the football sized case though. I need to find another smaller case so I don't scratch my nice glasses.

4. Can't go anywhere without keys.

5. Nail file. For those emergency broken nails that are a pain Bc you either bite them down to nothing or they snag on every little thing!

6. iPod. I've been playing the crap out of some Justin Beiber! Don't judge me.

7. My ancient flip phone for work. Ha! I'm surprised it has a colored screen!

8. Antibacterial hand gel. It's a must for after touching just about anything these days.

9. Lip gloss.

10. Lotion.

11. Some sort of candy. I'm always craving something sweet after I eat. Scratch that. I'm always craving something sweet.

12. Baby Lips lip balm. my favorite.

Well you begged me and I told you. You can sleep more sound at night now right?

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