Monday, October 1, 2018

Quick and Easy Recipes + Weekly Meal Plan Template

A couple weeks ago I shared a few of my favorite meals on Instagram Stories. Many of you asked for me to share the recipes and my weekly meal planner. I didn’t create a meal plan for this week since Noah is out of town but I thought I'd share my last meal plan along with the recipes I used.

I grocery shop weekly so I usually create a weekly meal plan. It isn't always easy coming up with new recipes so I always head to Pinterest when I need inspiration. I usually start my Sunday mornings with a cup of coffee, browse Pinterest then, I'll make a grocery list.

I usually go with recipes that 1) don't have a ton of ingredients and 2) won't take longer than 30 minutes. I do not have time to cook elaborate meals that have a ton of ingredients I can't use often.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Fall Finds Under $50

Shopping for fall pieces in the south is confusing. It's so hot out, yet all the stores have started to put out sweaters and scarves. Today, I am sharing some pieces that you can wear now and will be great when the weather is cooler too! The best part is all the items I'm sharing in today's post are budget-friendly!

Monday, September 10, 2018

The Other Side of Motherhood

Being a mom has been the best decision of my life. My children give me purpose and fill my life with so much happiness. On most days you'll find me sharing all those special moments with them on my Facebook, through family group texts on even on this blog.

But can we talk about the other side of motherhood for a moment?

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

5 Quick Hair Care Tips

Summer is coming to an end and with a new season brings on different elements and an opportunity to switch up your hair care routine. Today, I'm sharing 5 quick hair care tips so your hair can live it's best life!

After getting a fresh new do at Hustle & Blow Dry Bar I am feeling like a whole new person! It's amazing what a new hair cut will do for your confidence and attitude! If you need to switch up your hair routine give these super easy tips a try!

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

What I Learned at #TBSCon

#TBSCon may be over, but I am still feeling so energized and inspired.  Last week, I shared a recap (Read it HERE). However, today I want to share what I learned from attending my first blogger conference. Even if you aren't a blogger I believe these lessons can be applied in your life as well. 

Friday, August 17, 2018

#TBSCon Recap: My First Blogger Conference

I did a thing. This year I decided to attend my first blogger conference.  I attended #TBSCon! It's an annual conference hosted by The Blog Societies exclusive to members for three days of learning and networking.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

My Picks for Binge-Worthy Shows To Watch

Are you looking for a new show to watch? Today, I'm sharing my recommendations! 

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Summer Recap and Life Lately

Seriously, where did the summer go? It just goes by so fast these days. I know I talk about how crazy life can be with four kids but I feel like time goes by quicker when there's always a million things going on. That's just daily life at the Cruzan house! I thought I would share a recap of the summer and share what's happening lately for my "little" crew.

I'm so sad we didn't make it to the beach this year! This is our second year not going. Last year Mia was just born and this year I don't know what happened. Maybe the thought of taking the family to the beach was too overwhelming. If you have kids you know what I'm talking about. There is a beach trip pre-kids where all you really need is a beach towel, chair, sunnies and a good book.
Then, there is the beach trip with kids... the one that consists of floaties, goggles, sand toys, extra clothes, sun block, umbrellas, wagons, coolers.... you get my drift. The thought of packing us to the beach is overwhelming. So, maybe next year. I am super sad and also extremely pale!

Monday, July 30, 2018

Happy 10 Year Anniversary: Botanical Gardens Styled Shoot

This past spring I had the opportunity to collaborate with Hilary Hull Photography on a bridal greenhouse photo shoot. It was fun to play dress up for a morning and I even recruited Noah to join me. It has been almost 10 years since I was last in a wedding dress I thought it would be so special for Noah and I  to celebrate our anniversary by being a part of this shoot. It was wonderful to work with Hilary on this collaboration.

I pitched the idea of taking photos inside of a greenhouse and Hilary loved it. She worked with the Coastal Georgia Botanical Gardens and we scheduled an early morning shoot. 

We had some amazing vendors to make this shoot really come to life. If you're planning a wedding I definitely recommend looking into the following vendors! 

The venue was just beautiful the morning we shot. It was the perfect landscape for a wedding. 

Photography By: Hilary Hull Photography @hilaryhullphotography


"Every day that passes by, 
makes my love for you grow even stronger. 
I love you now
and even more tomorrow."

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

A Perfect Night in Savannah: Wine, Dine, Play & Stay

A few a weeks ago I had the rare opportunity to sneak away with my sister on a date! We haven't been out together in forever so it was so nice to catch up and check out Savannah's newest spots!

Savannah is always so charming and there is always something new to discover. My sister Cecilia and I started the night out at The Wayward, a chic bar nestled in the Perry Lane Hotel  where we enjoyed a drink, played skee ball (yes, they have an arcade room), and watched Step Brothers in the theatre room while we waited on our dinner reservations. For the record, I am a way better skee ball player than my sister!

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Savannah Influencers Night On the Rooftop: SIxCCAC

"Using influence to promote a positive change. We all have a unique purpose in this world. This is ours." 

I joined the Savannah Influencers group two years ago and I could not be prouder of what we have achieved in just a couple short years. Don't mistake us for just a group of bloggers. We are a powerhouse group of women of all different backgrounds that have one common goal- We want to use our influence to make a difference in our community. 

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Happy Father's Day

One thing that never gets old for me is seeing Noah with the kids. There is something so special about all the love. We were just two love birds and then we added our babies to the mix and that love has transformed into something so much more beautiful.

All of our kids adore their dad like he is truly a super hero. He's always there to check for monsters at night and to beat up whatever is making the kids cry, even if it's a piece of furniture. He battles the dragon ("thunder") during rain storms and he's a jungle gym when the kids decide to pile on top of him.

Noah is so hard working and he loves his family fiercely. I'm so proud of him. I'm so grateful to have an equal partner in parenting. I don't ever feel alone and I know I can count on him when I need help!

I want to wish my man the happiest Father's day today and every day! We love you so much! 

Photo taken by: Midnight in Georgia Photography

Monday, June 11, 2018

Summer 2018 Bucket List

My kids are out for the summer and weekends mean more to me than anything because as a working parent I don’t always get that quality time during the weekdays and work hours.  I plan to do as much as possible during my nights at home, on my weekends off and also taking advantage of the little vacation days I have.  I thought it would be fun to create a Summer Bucket List so we can get in all the fun! I asked both my eight year old and six year old daughters to weigh in and pick a few things they want to do this summer. We had a great time dreaming up adventures. Here’s what we came up with! 

I love Ava's idea of hosting a summer gift exchange. We set it up for the girls and their cousins in Virginia to exchange summer-themed gifts valued at $10. They will open gifts when we visit during the 4th of July. I can't wait to help the girls pick out their gifts and see what their cousins pick out for them. 

I hope this bucket list inspires you to create your own. We have so many memories to make this Summer and I can't wait to report back and share what we were able to check off our list! 

Monday, May 28, 2018

Mia's Sweet As Peach Themed Birthday

Mia turned one on May 17th and we hosted her first birthday party. I decided on a peach theme because our baby girl is as "Sweet As A Peach". She really is, but I was totally inspired by this cute outfit I found for her at TJ Maxx. Isn't it precious? Since we live in Georgia I thought the theme was so fitting! It was a fun party to plan and below I'm sharing all the party details!

Above photo taken by Midnight in Georgia Photography

I went to Hobby Lobby for most of the decor! 

  • Peach Hangings: paper lanterns and mint colored card stock
  • Picture Frame with clip 
  • Various Baskets: for peaches, peach cookies, peach candies and mini peach pies
  • Vases: I found some peach sign images online and printed them out. Then, I taped them to square vases. I filled them with baby's breath
  • Small cake stand (from Target Dollar Spot)
  • Large cake stand (old, from her Mimi)
  • Peach Canvas: I painted it myself :)
  • Peach Balloon Garland: (ordered through Amazon) and tied with tweed and mint tulle

The Menu:
  • Cake: Publix-- I was so impressed with their attention to detail. They accomplished exactly what I wanted with the peach ombre icing. We served the vanilla cake with peach ice cream!  My cousin created the cake toppers. She does calligraphy (@calligraphybylindsey) Go Check her out! 
  • Smash Cake: I made this from a box cake mix
  • Peach-shaped Sugar Cookies: The Topiary (Calley did a wonderful job! Those cookies were gone in like 10 minutes!)
  • Chicken Fingers (Publix)
  • Pasta Salad 
  • Peach Salsa served with Tortilla Chips
  • Blueberry and Peach Summer Salad (I found this recipe on Pinterest and it was so good!) 
  • Fruit Salad 
  • Lunch was served with Sweet Tea and Moscato Peach Punch 

Everything came together so nicely and our baby girl had a wonderful time! Now, on to the next birthday party! Thankfully, I get a break. Levi's birthday is next and it's not until November! 

Thursday, May 24, 2018

It's Friday, I'm in Love!

Happy Friday! I hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! We have plans to visit with Noah's brother and it just so happens there is a tropical storm headed that way too! We are going to make the best of it! 
Today, I'm sharing my Friday favorites! What are you currently loving lately? 

I Got My Eyebrows Microbladed!

I got my eyebrows microbladed, y’all! I have been wanting to try this out since I'm guilty of over plucking the crap out of my brows. I was left with super thin eyebrows that I had to draw in every day. And just like trying to get your cat-eye liner to look good on both eyes, my brows always seemed asymmetrical.  Just in case you’re considering getting your own eyebrows microbladed I thought I would share my experience with you!

Friday, May 18, 2018

I'ts Friday, I'm in Love!

OMG am I glad it's Friday! Trying to party prep while Noah is out of town has been crazy! My house has been a wreck all week and I have zero time without the kids so you can imagine my anxiety level!

Maybe some retail therapy will make me feel better. Why, yes... I think I will! I'm loving all the new arrivals from Anthropologie right now. I seriously need someone to loan me some money so I can buy everything I want!

What are some of your Friday faves?

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Mia Claire is One!

It's a happy day! Our Mia Claire is one year old! She's the baby, the one that completes the Cruzan crew. It's so funny that last December we were all super surprised at the news that we were expecting another baby. But I am so grateful for our sweet little blessing. She is as sweet as a peach and that's exactly how we decided on her birthday theme.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

A Special Mother's Day

A few weeks ago I worked with Ashley of Midnight in Georgia Photography on something very special. So often I am the one behind the camera taking photos of my kids. But for this Mother's Day, I wanted to be in the photos with my babies. 

We drove to Driftwood Beach on Jekyll Island and let the kids play. They had so much fun climbing on the beautiful driftwood, splashing in the water and chasing after one another. It was probably the best photo shoot our family has done. There was no pressure to get the perfect shot. It was more relaxing to just let the kids do their thing. 

Ashley was so wonderful and so natural behind the camera. She captured exactly what I was looking for in this session. 


From the moment I open my eyes to the moment I finally get to close them I take care of their needs, big and small.
I get them ready for school and daycare.
I do their hair and change their diapers.
I buckle them into their car seats.
I blow on their food to make sure it’s okay to eat.
I pick them up when they cry for me.
I dance and sing silly songs just to get them to smile.
I cook them dinner and pack their lunches.
I pick up after them constantly.
I pour them drinks and feed them snacks.
I bathe them and brush their hair at night.
I tie their shoes.
I tuck them into bed.
The list is endless. 
I put all of their needs before my own.
They need me so much right now. It is exhausting. It can be draining.
But I know there will be a time they won’t need me like this anymore.
They won’t want to sit next to me or squeeze their little arms around my neck.  They will brush their own hair and run out the door to hang out with their friends.  They will grow up in the blink of an eye.
So I’ll take the exhausting. I’ll take the tired and the not enough sleep. 
I am their mother and I am not perfect. 
But I hope they know how much I love them, always. 

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful moms I know! And if you're lucky enough to still spend mother's day with your mom, be thankful. That is the only gift missing from today.

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