Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Quarantine and Chill: What to Watch During Corona Quarantine

Since we are self-isolating and spending more time at home, I thought I would share some of my picks for shows/movies to watch. 

On Netflix, you have to check out Tiger King. I promise you have never seen anything like it. Just when you think it's nuts, it gets even more outrageous. Another series/show to watch is Ozark. Season 3 was just released and Noah has been binging it. This is one series I need to catch up on and now that quarantine has been extended to May 30th I think I can manage it!  If you are into something more light-hearted and in the romance department, I would check out Love is Blind. It is a dating show that tests the concept of falling in love and getting engaged without ever seeing one another. 

If you have HBO, checkout Westworld. Season 3 premiered earlier this month. If you like Sci-Fi or AI, this show is right up your alley. It's one of those series that has you asking a million questions but it's really good! 

Interested in a kid-friendly movie? I took the kids (minus Mia) to see Disney's Onward when it was in the movie theatres. I didn't go into it expecting to like it that much, but it was a super cute and heart-warming movie. Because of this craziness with the corona virus, Disney + is releasing this movie early! 

One show that I cannot wait to come back is Killing Eve. I love a strong female cast and this show is so good for so many reasons. I love the love and hate relationship between the two characters and if you love crime or thriller type shows, you have to check it out! You have time to binge the first three seasons in preparation for the release of Season 4. 

I love a good show to binge or discovering a new movie. I stumbled across the movie "Yesterday" over the weekend and I really liked it. It wouldn't be a movie I'd necessary pay to watch, but it was a cute little love story with awesome Beatles music. It made me laugh too. 

My guilty pleasure shows are singing shows. I love American Idol, The Voice and Songland. If you like a feel-good makeover show, then I encourage you check out QueerEye. I love the Fab Five! 

Other great series/movies I've loved: 
The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
Stranger Things 
Game of Thrones
The Affair 
Parenthood (so good!)
Curb Your Enthusiasm
The Outsider
Big Little Lies
Sharp Objects
True Detective 

What shows/movies are you guys watching?? I'd love to know! Drop some recommendations in the comments!!

Monday, March 30, 2020

My View From Home

Three weeks ago, I was starting a new job. It was my first week in the office. It also happened to be the week when everything turned upside down because of Covid-19. For weeks prior, the virus was some foreign issue most people were not paying much attention to and now it suddenly became very real.

Three weeks ago I was feeling so excited for a fresh start and I was starting to feel settled in Charlotte, but alot has happened. Self-isolation/quarantine is being extended, schools are cancelled, businesses are closed, people are dying and the impact of it all is heavy.

As each week passes I feel a little more anxious. I have been fortunate to still have a job and the ability to work from home, however that could change tomorrow. My company has been doing it's very best to protect our jobs, but business is tough so I feel like the rug could be ripped from beneath me at any point. We recently received some discouraging news with Noah's job too.

This quarantine is not a vacation. It is affecting the lives of so many. I know our family is feeling it. Like others, we are worried about the bills to pay and our 4 beautiful kids to protect. I think about the people on the front lines of this pandemic and they are risking their lives so they can try to get a handle on this. These are unprecedented and scary times.

I also feel frustrated. Frustrated at those who aren't taking this serious. The more people ignore the advice from medical professionals to adhere to self-isolating, the worse this situation will be.

There is so much we cannot control at this time. That is a very hard thing for anyone that suffers from anxiety. I try to put on a brave face and I've been doing my very best to keep my stress from showing to my kids. We are spending some great quality time together as a family, but I would be lying if I said I wasn't also terrified. I know we aren't the only families that live paycheck to paycheck. So we feel the effects immediately if one of those paychecks doesn't come. I don't share that because I am looking for help or seeking pity. I am just sharing a real concern of ours. I am also worried that every trip Noah and I make to the grocery store is adding more risk to our health and the health of our babies.

On a more positive note, our family is choosing how we respond to this situation as best we can. We choose to do our part in flattening the curve by staying home.  We choose to be kind to the grocers that are working hard to stock the shelves with the essentials to get us through this. We choose to support others when we can. We have been watching our spending because of the job situation but when we do eat out, we are picking places local to us to order from. We are choosing to not be too hard on ourselves when trying to homeschool. We are choosing to make the best of this isolation and getting outdoors as much as possible and staying connected with friends and family virtually.

Here are some photos from this weekend. The weather was so nice and warm enough to break out our mini pool. We took advantage of both Saturday and Sunday to enjoy the sunshine and splash around.

I am praying so hard for everyone. I pray that this will all be behind us soon and we can resume our lives. It definitely puts into perspective what we have taken for granted. I do miss strolling down the Target aisles, but I am very grateful that my family and friends are staying safe and are healthy. We will get through this!

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Floral T-shirt: 3 Ways to Style a Floral Tee

Yesterday, I wrote a post and rounded up a few of my favorite spring items. One of them was this floral tee from Target. They had a similar one last year and I didn't end up getting it. It must have been popular because they released it (or a similar one) again and this time I snagged it right away.

I love a good graphic tee and this one is perfect for spring. I love the colors and all the different flower prints. Did you know that tulips are my favorite flower? That, along with hydrangeas, peonies and I love the smell of gardenia. That makes me want to go out and by myself some flowers right now!

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to share 3 ways I styled it in today's post. So let's get to it!

I love mixing prints so for my first look I paired the tee with my favorite leopard skirt and threw on a denim jacket. I was inspired to pair these two prints from my friend, Emily, of @emily_soto. She posted a picture last year and I just loved it. 

My next look is one inspired by Heather of @lifegardenstyle. We have the same pants and I love how it brings out the yellow in the tee. This is probably my favorite look of the three! 

My next look is another great one. I took the greens from the tee and paired it with my green pants and animal print mules. Also, I added my most recent DIY beaded necklace. This was a last minute pairing but I like how it turned out. 

I love finding new ways to remix clothes. This tee is $8 and such a fun add to your spring wardrobe. I linked some similar items just in case you want to recreate any of these outfits! I hope you enjoyed this style session because it was a lot of fun! 

Monday, February 24, 2020

My Spring Picks

Spring has sprung for most brands and over the weekend I saw so many awesome spring trends. It's all about pastels, flower prints, neutrals and fun accessories. I thought I would share with you my early spring picks. 

1. Kendra Scott recently released their spring collection and everything is just so gorgeous. I really love the Hallie Statement Earrings that were gifted to me. The details in the wire braiding are so fun and eye-catching. These make a great statement, but are so light and airy. 

2. I love a good t-shirt dress. They are so comfortable and make an easy go-to outfit. Throw on a light cardigan or denim jacket and pair it with sandals or some white sneaker for an effortless look. I really love this dress in green, but it comes in several colors too. 

3. If you need a shoe to go with everything this spring and summer season, you'll need to snag these sandals. They are comfortable with a nice block heel and they will be for sure be a repeat offender in your wardrobe. 

4. You will need a classic chambray top in your spring wardrobe. Just like the sandals I mentioned above, a chambray top will also go with anything your wear. I love the ruffle detail on the sleeves and it just so cute! 

5. It's not surprising that I would gravitate toward blush when I saw this dress. It's light and airy and so flirty. It comes in several colors too. This dress in white would be so fun too! 

6. I love my cognac Madewell tote I wear every day but mixing in a rattan handbag for spring is so fun and will instantly give your look some flair. How cute is this bag? 

7. White sneakers are one of the biggest spring trends right now and I found the perfect pair. The eyelet and scallops gave me instant heart eyes. It's another great pair to add to your closet. 

8. I snagged this floral tee over the weekend and I love it. I have seen it a lot recently when I scroll through Instagram and I've already been inspired to wear it so many different ways. Would y'all want to see how I mix it up? I think that would be a fun post! 

So, what are your favorite picks? 

Sunday, February 9, 2020

4 Fun Ways To Celebrate Valentine's Day With Your Family + DIY Valentine Dessert Charcuterie Board

Valentine's Day has become more about showing my family love than it is a romantic holiday for us. Ever since I had the kids I have had so much fun celebrating with them. Since it's the start of Valentine's Day week I wanted to share some fun ways to celebrate this week of love with your family.

1. Festive Family Dinner - On this week's menu I thought it would be fun for us to make our own heart-shaped personalized pizzas. The kids always have a blast customizing their pizzas and it's a great way for everyone to get involved and spend time together over a yummy meal. I'll be sharing how our pizzas turn out later in the week on my Instagram Stories so if you aren't following me, make sure you do so you don't miss out on our adventures (@gitterandjuls)

2. Love Notes - I usually get small candy treats for the kids and last year I included handmade valentine cards. As part of kids' valentines this year, I am including love notes that lists 14 reasons why I love each of one of them. I can't wait for the kids to read them and I hope they feel extra-loved!

3 - Acts of Love & Kindness - I am challenging everyone to reach out to someone in an act of kindness each day this week. For every act of kindness they get a Hershey kiss. I  think it's important to spread kindness every day and this is just a fun way to positively reinforce it!

4- Friday Night In - This year, Valentine's Day is on a Friday. A fun way to celebrate that doesn't cost much for a family of 6 is to order take-out and snuggle up for a good old fashion movie night! I took a stab at creating my very first Valentine dessert charcuterie board. I thought it would be a fun treat for us to have while we watch a movie together. I did some Pinterest-ing for inspiration and I wrote down a few treats to pick up that I know everyone in my family loves like strawberries, Twizzler's, gummies, popcorn, pretzels and chocolates. You can create your own DIY dessert charcuterie board with your own family's favorites! Simply assemble everything on a big platter or board and utilizing any little bowls you own. Just have fun as there is no right or wrong way to create your own charcuterie board! Friday is a still a few days away so you still have time to create your own! Here is a closer look at my first attempt my own charcuterie board and I can't wait to recreate it again on Friday!

How do you plan to spend your Valentine's Day? However you spend your day/night I hope you're surrounded by love!!

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Healthy Habits for Working From Home + What I Wore

Noah and I have essentially switched roles. For the past 11 + years Noah has worked from home where I have always worked in an office setting. However, with our move to North Carolina, Noah started a new job where he commutes to his office in Charlotte and I am fortunate enough to telework. It's been a big adjustment for the both of us. I definitely don't take it for granted. Teleworking allows our parenting routine to run smoothly in the mornings and afternoons. I am able to get our four kids ready for school/daycare, see them off, and I am home in the afternoons when the girls get off the bus.

Teleworking is definitely not for everyone, but it is quickly becoming a popular option for companies to consider. I believe it is advantageous for both the employee and employer. Some of the benefits include higher productivity, improved work-life balance and reduced costs.

Today, I want to share 6 healthy habits for when you're working from home. These habits have definitely helped me to stay focused and more productive.

1. Develop a Morning Routine - Teleworking takes a lot of extra will power. Since you don't have to commute in the mornings, it may be harder for some to roll out of bed and get into that work mode. With 4 young kids, having a set morning routine is essential for the whole family and sets the tone for the rest of the day. My morning starts early, but usually looks the same every day. My day starts at 5 am, I get a work-out in and it's on to mom duties until the kids are off to school/daycare. I then make a cup of coffee, grab my breakfast and head to my home work space/office to power up the computer. Everyone's morning routine is different. The important part is finding one that works for you.

2. Establish a Work Space - This one is important. Set up a designated area in your home that is not associated with a space you spend time in after work hours. This is good for a couple of reasons. A work space will allow you to be more productive and it will be easier to log off for the day when you physically leave that space for the day. Our new house has an room in the front of the house that I use for my office. My desk is set up as it was when I was in a cubicle, complete with my dual monitors.

3. Get Dressed - One of the perks of working from home is that business attire no longer applies to you, you could stay in your pajamas if you wanted to. However, studies show what we put on influences how we act and feel. My work attire got a lot more casual, but I make an effort to get myself dressed every morning. It definitely affects my state of mind and I feel like my day is ready to start once I put on make-up. Below, you'll see what I wore for my first week of work.

4. Know When to Clock Off - When you work from home and you're focused on a task or project time can sneak up on you. Establish a set time to log off. This can be harder for some. I know Noah had a hard time with this because he used to answer work calls at all hours of the day and night. My hard stopping time comes when all my kids arrive at home. Unless it is a call from my boss, all work matters can wait until the following day.

5. Stay Connected - Working from home can feel lonely at times. I am used to interacting with my co-workers so I take advantage of technology to stay connected. We use virtual messaging throughout the day and I don't hesitate to give my team a call if I have a question or just to discuss a task/project.

6. Take Breaks - Just because you are working from home does not mean  you cannot leave the computer screen. Even when I worked in the office, I made a point to get up from my desk a few times a day. I take at least two breaks a day. One for lunch and a quick one in the afternoon. Breaks can recharge you, give you the much needed boost to do better work.

What I Wore 

Last week was my first full week of working from home and I decided to log what I wore. My outfits are too casual for the office, but enough to get me out of pjs/sweat pants.

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

My 2020 Bucket List

Does anyone else get super excited for a new planner? I have been using The Happy Planner for 3 years now and I love it.

Like my new planner says- New Year, New Feels, New Chances, Same Dreams, Fresh Starts!

2020 will be full new things. We moved to North Carolina in December and it's like starting fresh. I am first to admit that I am horrible at new year resolutions so instead I am listing off things I want to do this year instead of declaring them new year resolutions. My 2020 bucket list!

1) Explore NC - Now that we live in North Carolina, I'd love to do some major exploring. We have the beach and the mountains and everything in between. If you live in or around Charlotte, I'd love some recommendations on family-friendly places to check out.

2) Prioritize Self-Care - Being a mom of four comes with so many sacrifices, one being self-care. I need to starting taking better care of myself. One of the ways I have started doing this is working out. I haven't worked out since having Lily 8 years ago. I can't even believe I am admitting that. It's easy to find an excuse. I've been getting up before the kids wake to get some me-time in and work up a sweat. I hope to keep the momentum going. Some other ways I plan to prioritize myself is to: plan a girls trip, drink more water and focus on my blog.

3) Make New Friends - I left my friends in Georgia so I need to make some new friends here. Having a support system and some company other than my kids and husband is so critical. I am hoping it won't be too hard, but I know it will be more challenging since I work from home now.

4) Tackle Finances - This item stays on my list year after year. This has been a struggle for us to keep our debt under control. Life happens though and there's always something that comes up when you get any bit of extra income. A big move does not help. Also, with 4 kids there is always something to pay for. This year I am going to come up with a plan and track our spending so we can dig our way out of this hole. Wish us luck! Let me know if you have any tips!

What is something you hope to accomplish this year?

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