Friday, July 27, 2012


Everytime I turn around I'm hearing one of my friends is pregnant! How fun! About time some of them are catching up to me! My babies need besties!

I already mentioned last month that my bf Heather and her husband, Mark are having a baby in December.

But I recently found out about two more babies being born early next year!

Kristan and her hubby Jeff are expecting a new bundle of joy in February 2013 (baby Parker)!

And my gf Kathryn and her hubby Tyler just announced their happy news today! This will be their first baby (baby Grassmeyer)!

I'm so thrilled anytime I get good news like that even though I've had a crappy week. Congrats to them both!

Now I can Facebook and Blog stalk them for belly shots and fun pregnancy stories.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Paxx Thunderhorse Cruzan

Yesterday was a tough day. One of the worst. We had to say good bye to our beloved Rottweiler, Paxx.
It was very unexpected and devastating how the day transpired. He had been coughing last week and we thought surely it was just an infection or something that we could treat with medication and take him home. We took him to the vet and it just spiraled into a nightmare.
Dr. Beverly was unsure what was going on with him. She decided she wanted us to bring Paxx in and talk to a specialist.
She called me in the morning saying she was very worried about Paxx and his red blood count levels. Noah and I visited him at lunch. The specialist still had not called so we were still holding on to hope.
Around 2:00 Dr. Beverly called me and told me the horrible news. Paxx had lung cancer. We didn't really have many choices. Surgery was not an option. Chemo would give him maybe two weeks. We had to make the most humane and the hardest decision ever.
Noah and I met at the vet's office and we stayed with Paxx for awhile. Noah's mom wanted to see him too so she came up. We said our goodbyes. It was tough. We all cried. And cried. And cried.
Four years ago we brought him home. He was this scrawny thing and the cutest thing we ever laid eyes on.

We fell in love. He always loved to please and loved the attention everyone gave him.

It is already so strange with him not at home with us. To see his little nub wag when we get home. Just seeing his still puppy face.

We love you. You were such a gentle, loving boy. We cherished every moment with you buddy. Miss you already.
Rest in Peace,
Paxx Thunderhorse Cruzan
April 21, 2008 - July 25, 2012

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Yay! Or Yikes?

What a coincidence! On Target Style's Facebook page the dress I wore to work was featured!

I loved this color block dress but needed a way to make it work-wearable.

Typically, strapless dresses would be a no-no. But I fixed that problem by simply adding a T-shirt under it. It's something I usually don't think to do. My first go to is to cover the dress up with a cardigan. I just didn't want to with such a fun dress.

I saw these inspiration photos and thought I would test it out.

Was it a yay? Or yikes?

It was a yay for me! I didn't have to mess with a strapless bra and I didn't have to cover the dress up. The tee gave it just enough!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Hello Monday {via phone pics}

It's here again. Monday. How about some hellos? Linking up with Lisa for Hello Monday.

Hello day outfit. Lace, neon pink, and chambray.

Hello smiling baby with sunnies on.

Hello sick Ava. Hello snot. Hello cranky and miserable two yr. old.

Hello return of monkey hat. Hello my silly Lily.

Hello Ava in pjs. Yo Gabba Gabba pjs!

Hello night outfit. Turquoise, mustard, and mint!

Hello Arango siblings!

Hello tiny gabba friends!

Hello what I wore to work today. Lime chiffon and black.

Hello sleeping sick angel. Hello Vicks baby rub and boogie wipes in the back ground.

Hello to a new week. Hello to babies getting better soon. Hello to another beautiful day with all my little blessings!

Hello to 9 years of being with Noah today! Love every minute he's been in my life!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sick Baby Survival Tips

Having a sick baby is the worst. They can't tell you what hurts and they are just pitiful. You deal with running, stuffy, snotty noses, fevers, cough, crankiness, vomit, the list goes on and on. And you try to do everything in the world to keep your baby healthy, but they will get sick every once in a while. We have been actually really lucky. Ava hasn't been sick in a year and Lily has been well up until now. I remember constantly taking Ava to the doctor or having to pick her up from daycare a lot that first year.

Ava started with the watery eyes, cough, and running nose on Friday. Her nose is so raw, poor thing, from us having to constantly wipe her nose. And now Lily's nose is starting to run. And I can't do much for her in terms of medicine since she's so little.

Having two sick babies is not fun. Especially Lily who can't suck on a pacifier when she is having trouble breathing.

Ava has been so miserable. She has been extra whiny and tired.

So want to know what we have in our arsenal to survive these sick days?

➡Children's Tylenol
➡Children's Claritin and ➡Benedryl
➡Boogie wipes (saline wipes)
➡Nasal aspirator
➡Baby vapor rub
➡vapor bath
➡Bland foods like saltines and apple sauce
➡Popsicles and jello
➡Lots of fluids and electrolytes

Hopefully, this will pass quickly and both girls will feel better soon!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday Favorites

Want to know what I'm currently craving in my closet?

1. Polka dot skirt. So playful. I need one in my closet!

2. Plain white Tee. Need to pick up a soft jersey tee I can wear casually that fits looses but isn't too wide at the bottom.

3. I want to add to my arm candy collection.

4. Leopard print belt. Gives a plain look some pop!

5. Maxi skirt. To imitate this exact outfit bc it's too cute!

6. Floral print pants. Fun fun fun print for the summer :)

Happy Friday! What made your Friday favorites list???

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wednesday with Momma

Patty went to Virginia for the week so the girls have been shuffled around my family this week. I took off today to be with them.

I'm ashamed to admit today was the first time that I had the girls all day by myself. Today I had a glimpse if what my life would be like to be a stay at home mom.

This is how our day went:
8:00: Lily was the first to wake up. Ava woke up shortly after at 8:30. Both girls get "milky" and we watched some tv.
It's Library story time day so around 9:00 we all get dressed. Ava plays in my shoes as I put my make-up on and Lily sits on the sink gnawing on a tube of toothpaste.

Noah left the swagger wagon to me today. Oh yea, pimpin' it out :)

This is the part that made me most nervous. First alone trip in public. And in a library no less. But Ava was fabulous. She loves going every week and as we pulled up she shouted " I'm so excited!" So cute! Lily was also great. She loves looking around at all the kids.

After reading three stories it was coloring in the activity room. Then we picked up daddy from work and headed to lunch!

After lunch was nap time. The best time. For two reasons: 1) Bc I never get a nap during the week and 2) snuggling with my girls!

I love watching them sleep.

Daddy came home just after they woke from nap time and I fixed dinner. I haven't cooked since Mimi moved in a year ago so I knew it had to be easy. Sloppy joes is as easy as it gets.

After dinner we watched some tv and then bathed/showered and changed into our pajamas.
Soon, it was time for bed :)

Tomorrow should be interesting, Thursday with daddy :)

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Children's Museum

We took Ava to the new Children's Museum. It was added on to the old Railroad museum. There are so many activities for the kiddos and its great outdoor fun! We almost didn't make it because there was a huge black cloud over us, but we risked it anyway. And it's good to know that if it does rain, they will give you a pass to come again. It didn't end up raining so all was good.

There are fans and mist stations to keep cool which is nice too.

And soon, they are adding some cool indoor stations. Can't wait to come back!

Ava had a blast! Lily liked it too :)

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Saturday Fun

I love Saturdays when we aren't expected anywhere and we aren't rushing around. We all got up in good moods and we took our time getting showered and dressed for the day.

My Allora necklace always puts me in a good mood.
We made our weekly Target trip an then headed to lunch outside since it was so beautiful out.

We ended up at Bonna Bella Yacht Club Restaurant. It was the perfect pick. Ava enjoyed being outside and seeing the boats go by.

The view was so nice and the fans and the umbrella made the hot day not so bad.

Lily was happy too!

Always think its neat to see our name anywhere, even if it's only because it's the name of rum.

It was nice to be out with my little family.

We all took great naps when we got home. It's automatically a great day when ALL of us get naps!

Lily and I woke up before daddy and Ava so we played in the garage. I just melt every time I see this smile!

I even managed to fold a load of laundry while the girls watched Toy Story 3.

We took the doggies on the walk and we are now relaxing and watching tv before bed. I wouldn't mind more days like

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