Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Day From Hell: A Mother's Tale

Well I survived a day from hell with my 18 month old toddler. She's finally in bed and who knows when she'll be up again.

This is how today went. I'll actually start it last night..

Ava woke up about every two hours for who knows what reason. We don't have a hard time putting her to bed but she just WON'T sleep through the night on a consistent basis. And I must have dummy on my forehead because when I go in the room half asleep to try and put her back to bed she wants me to hold her or she'll check every two seconds to see if I'm still there. But when Noah goes in there he doesn't even have to say anything and she'll lay back down! But I digress....

I finally make it back to my room and I can't go back to sleep. Ugh. I eventually am able to get a good thirty minutes into deep sleep when I hear crying at 6:55 am. So I go back into dear baby's room and I'm not in the mood to fight with her so I pick her up and we both lay on the itty bitty love seat in her room. She's all snuggled up on mommy and alseep and my legs are hanging off one end and my neck is half broken on the other end. So I, of course, can't go to sleep. Did I mention I'm 5 and a half months pregnant?! Meaning I'm already tired all the time and this position on the couch is not comfortable!

So she wakes up in a lovely mood. But commence hyper mode that lasts all day! Let's add no naps (I tried for a straight hour) and a session of feces throwing and smearing that leads to two baths.

Needless to say mommy and daddy are both exhausted. I know days like these are not the last and at least I didn't cry.

I did however want to leave and never come back at one point, drop her off at my parents' house, and threaten to throw her in the trash, and leave her on the side of the road. (don't judge me. If you are a parent I know if you didn't verbalize these feelings, you were thinking it)

Of course I wouldn't change this life for anything. I love her and we got in many hugs and kisses in still today. Its hard to be mad at her for very long.

And this is just the beginning I know.

I will now end my night by delving into self help book: Baby Whisperer for Toddlers... Wish me luck!

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