Thursday, July 30, 2009

Show Us Your Life- Wedding Party and Flowers

So I'm following Kathryn's lead and joining in on the "Show Us Your Life" weekly posts. This week is wedding party and flowers week. Since my first wedding anniversary is Sunday I think this month's topics are so appropriate. So nostalgic.

Here are a couple of my favorite pictures from my camera that my sister took of our huge wedding party. Noah and I couldn't narrow them down. We have such awesome friends and we had to have all of them be a part of our special day.

We went with a lifestyles photographer and she took some awesome pics but it took forever for us to receive our prints. Here are a couple of my favorites of the wedding party.

The flowers I chose were blue hydrangeas for the girls and I had a white bouquet. They complemented the bridesmaids' dresses so well. (By the way, I loved the dresses I chose for them. It was a baby doll style dress with pleats down the middle and my favorite parts were the pockets and the cute bow in the back). But here are two pictures of my gorgeous flowers.

Thanks Kathryn for the idea! This was fun!

Decisions Decisions!

Today I made my first decisions as an official homeowner. I feel like such a grown up! I had a design meeting with the design coordinator for Landmark 24. It was so much fun. I got to pick out the brick/ vinyl colors, shutter/door colors, cabinets, counter tops, hardware, and carpet. So many decisions to be made. I thought it would take me forever to choose because I'm so picky but I went with my instincts on most of the decisions. I pray it all comes together nicely. Noah and I talked about some ideas we liked so I kept that in mind. I can't wait for them to start building already. We are up against a tight deadline. Our closing is supposed to be on November 23rd and in order to take advantage of the $8K tax credit we have to close on time! Now that we got this meeting out of the way the builders can finish drawing our plans out. We have a pre-construction meeting and then the building begins! It's going to be fun to see them put the house up and see how all the decisions we made come together. If all goes well we will be in the house by Thanksgiving. I plan on having a house-warming party as soon as we get settled! I can't wait to be able to paint and decorate. I've already been going on-line looking for inspiration. Homegoods will definitely be visited! It will be fun to spend Christmas in our new home with Noah's family coming in town too! Here are a few pictures I took.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Love is in the air

Sorry it's been so long since since my last post. I've had company in town for the past few weeks so I've been entertaining. Anyway, during this past weekend I found out of one of my best friends is getting married! I was the last one to get hitched so now my shining moment is over and it's time for me to take the position as supporting, beaming bridesmaid! Here is a picture of the lovebirds who got engaged in IRELAND! Talk about jealous! But no, I'm so happy for her. She's having the time of her life with the love of her life doing things I've only dreamed of. I remember the excitement of getting proposed to. It was such an amazing weekend. I remember it like it was yesterday. And to think that it will be our one year anniversary next week is crazy. Time really flies by, but more on that in a later post! I'm just so happy for Heather and Mark!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Okay, so I'm a Nerd

So I got my first Nerd fix last night at the premiere of the sixth installment of Harry Potter, Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince. I have been working myself up to last night by reading the book over again. It was like reading the book for the first time again. I knew the movie would be great and I was not disappointed. That cast must be thanking their lucky stars they got picked because now they are set for life. I'll be sad after the next movie. I'm reading the last book now.

But Harry Potter was not what I became obsessed with this summer. Now I have to wait four months for my next Nerd fix, the second movie of the Twilight Series, New Moon! I was kind of late on the initial hype of this book/movie. My sister read the whole series and I didn't know if I wanted to commit to reading the entire thing. Then the Twilight movie came out and I got curious. The moment I opened the first book I was hooked. The movie was a little disappointing (books are always better than the movie) but I can't wait for the next movie. It's going to be much better than the first one I'm sure. I'm not usually into the whole vampire or wizard thing. I'm not about to dress up like a vampire at the movie theater or have harry potter parties, but the authors of these two books have awesome imaginations and wrote some awesome books. I recommend you read them. You won't regret it.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Summer Fun

I am finally unwinding from having family stay with us all last week. We had a great time. I never get tired of having family around. They left this morning; I hate good-byes. Noah and I had to work all week so they were on their own. The rain kind of put a damper on doing things outdoors so they spent the beginning of the week shopping. I took off on Friday hoping we could make it to the beach without the rain cramping our style. We were lucky because it turned out to be a perfect day. It was cloudy and windy but the sun peeked out every so often. The kids had a lot of fun splashing in the big waves. Here some of the pictures I took. We ate some good seafood at the Crabshack too. Hmmm. Got to love some low country boil. Saturday we went down to river street, ate lunch, and walked around. The weather was great. We had dinner at my parents and hit the beach again on Sunday. Such a busy weekend but I had a great time.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Making a Baby - Month 1

It has been a long three months since my miscarriage but I am ready to try again. I wish I could feel more care-free about this whole process but the truth is, I'm terrified. I'm terrified it will be difficult for me to become pregnant again. And when and if I become pregnant I'll be terrified that the pregnancy won't take. I don't think anyone can understand this except those who have had miscarriages before. I was 8 weeks along when I lost the baby. It was only during the first trimester but it was a lost just the same. I was heart broken and now I'm afraid I can't let myself enjoy this whole journey again. I've always wanted to be a mom. And I can't wait to see Noah as a dad. I know he'll be great. So we'll try to let things happen as they come and try to enjoy each moment of success. I'm going to start back on the pre-natal vitamins again and I'll pull out the nifty pregnancy planner. Noah is of course not as obsessed as I am. He's more of the "it will happen when it happens" but we are still on the same page. We want a baby. So wish us luck!

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