Monday, March 30, 2020

My View From Home

Three weeks ago, I was starting a new job. It was my first week in the office. It also happened to be the week when everything turned upside down because of Covid-19. For weeks prior, the virus was some foreign issue most people were not paying much attention to and now it suddenly became very real.

Three weeks ago I was feeling so excited for a fresh start and I was starting to feel settled in Charlotte, but alot has happened. Self-isolation/quarantine is being extended, schools are cancelled, businesses are closed, people are dying and the impact of it all is heavy.

As each week passes I feel a little more anxious. I have been fortunate to still have a job and the ability to work from home, however that could change tomorrow. My company has been doing it's very best to protect our jobs, but business is tough so I feel like the rug could be ripped from beneath me at any point. We recently received some discouraging news with Noah's job too.

This quarantine is not a vacation. It is affecting the lives of so many. I know our family is feeling it. Like others, we are worried about the bills to pay and our 4 beautiful kids to protect. I think about the people on the front lines of this pandemic and they are risking their lives so they can try to get a handle on this. These are unprecedented and scary times.

I also feel frustrated. Frustrated at those who aren't taking this serious. The more people ignore the advice from medical professionals to adhere to self-isolating, the worse this situation will be.

There is so much we cannot control at this time. That is a very hard thing for anyone that suffers from anxiety. I try to put on a brave face and I've been doing my very best to keep my stress from showing to my kids. We are spending some great quality time together as a family, but I would be lying if I said I wasn't also terrified. I know we aren't the only families that live paycheck to paycheck. So we feel the effects immediately if one of those paychecks doesn't come. I don't share that because I am looking for help or seeking pity. I am just sharing a real concern of ours. I am also worried that every trip Noah and I make to the grocery store is adding more risk to our health and the health of our babies.

On a more positive note, our family is choosing how we respond to this situation as best we can. We choose to do our part in flattening the curve by staying home.  We choose to be kind to the grocers that are working hard to stock the shelves with the essentials to get us through this. We choose to support others when we can. We have been watching our spending because of the job situation but when we do eat out, we are picking places local to us to order from. We are choosing to not be too hard on ourselves when trying to homeschool. We are choosing to make the best of this isolation and getting outdoors as much as possible and staying connected with friends and family virtually.

Here are some photos from this weekend. The weather was so nice and warm enough to break out our mini pool. We took advantage of both Saturday and Sunday to enjoy the sunshine and splash around.

I am praying so hard for everyone. I pray that this will all be behind us soon and we can resume our lives. It definitely puts into perspective what we have taken for granted. I do miss strolling down the Target aisles, but I am very grateful that my family and friends are staying safe and are healthy. We will get through this!

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