Thursday, September 30, 2010

I Heart Fall

Fall is my favorite. It's the start of the holiday season which means I can bring out my pumpkin patch candle from Bath and Body Works... I can smell it already. Mmmm. And I mind as well go ahead and buy my Christmas tree scented candle during the 2 for $20 deal :)

Fall means I can wear my boots, bring out my scarves, jeans, peacoats, and cute fall sweaters. I guess the new trend this year is the over the knee boot.

I'm really digging these Jessica Simpson ones

But am I going to look super short since I don't have the legs?

Fall also means eating gooooood! Turkey, pumpkin pie, sweet potatoe casserole the all the marshmellow and brown sugar fixin's.. nom nom nom nom.

I am especially loving Fall this year because it kick starts Ava's first Halloween, first Thanksgiving, and first Christmas. It will be such a special holiday season.

My sister bought Ava such a cute Halloween costume. You'll have to wait and see how cute she is :)

After Halloween I want to take our first family portraits. I want to take them outside. It could turn out wonderful or it could be a disaster with tantrum baby and a non-smiling husband... But I still want to get them done and I'm hoping the former happens!

Then its pictures with Santa. And I don't even know where to begin to make this Christmas a super first one for Ava. So much pressure. Real tree or fake tree? Can it just snow for me this year in Savannah? That would really be awesome :) And what do I get a 9 month old that she'll absolutely love and beat everyone else's presents? Because mom and dad should have the #1 present right? I can't wait to buy her first Christmas eve pjs, pick out a special ornament, and gett her a stocking :) the list goes on and on...
Oh man, that was alot. Exciting :)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sleep Diaries Cont'd

I had the big plan thought out for tonight. I imagined it would take a few tries and it would be a fight. I was pleasantly surprised.

Our typical evening and night goes a little like this:

6-6:30: Dinner
7: Walk Paxx
7:30: Bathe Ava
8: Feed Ava last bottle
8:30: put Ava down in her crib

We have been pretty good about sticking with this routine and I think it has helped Ava. She used to go to bed around 10 so I am happy she has been getting to bed earlier.

Tonight she went right to bed without one single wimper when I put her down in her crib. I know not all nights will go this well, but I am so proud tonight. I guess she knew I wanted to watch Grey's Anatomy. So smart.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

TV Shows Overload!

So the time has come for my fall shows to premiere! I have already found it hard to watch all of them because Ava loves to scream while I am attempting to enjoy them. THANK GOODNESS for DVR! I am going to have to play catch-up this weekend on the rest of Boardwalk Empire (new show on HBO directed by Martin Scorsese so it has to be good, right? And the one of only like three shows Noah and I can watch together), Raising Hope (a new show, thought I would give it a try), and Running Wilde (you know I have to support Keri Russell, I was obsessed with Felicity when she was in it).

This week is also Modern Family, Grey's Anatomy, East Bound and Down, and my other obsession from this summer, Dexter. Noah and I caught up on all 4 seasons in a matter of weeks. For a while there that is all we watched.

I know, I watch way too much TV but I get sucked in so easily!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Free Moment

I have tried to post all day long, but every time I get signed on baby girl gets up from her nap. I think she is down for the night this time. So here goes, take 5.

It's a big day for Ava tomorrow. She has graduated from the baby classroom to the infant class! What a big girl! She also has her six month check-up tomorrow. That means more shots :(. But i can't wait to see how much she has grown. On top of shots, she is getting her ears pierced! I'm glad Noah is taking her. I would probably not be able to handle seeing her crying. It breaks my heart to see genuine tears. But she'll look so cute with earrings. I figure we should do it now since she is not messing with her ears. We should be getting no more "he is so handsome" or "he's a cutie!"

Sleeping is back to normal. We are getting her to go to bed earlier and she usually only gets up once during the week. We have our nighttime routine down so I think that helps. I hope to celebrate sleeping through the night very soon!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

6 months!

This week Ava turns 6 months old! Holy Moly that was fast! Every day she learns something new and I feel like I can't keep up anymore!

This week alone she began to sit up without any support and is crawling! I'll post a video when I can get a moment to wait for it to download.

What else is going on in Ava's World?

  • eating baby food (about a jar a day)
  • drinking 4 oz bottles every three hours
  • moving, moving, moving (this baby does not stay still) She is always either lunging, pulling, crawling, pushing, or rolling
  • up to 5 hours of straight sleep at night
  • gnawing on everything
  • grasping at things
  • picking up small objects/toys and putting it her mouth
  • recognizing mom and dad and reacting
  • showing interest and concentrating
  • likes to sleep on her tummy at night (worries the heck out of me sometimes that she can't breathe)
  • maybe teething? she is super drooley but no sign of a tooth
  • wearing 3-6 month clothes and in size 3 diapers
  • laughing at funny noises and the ridiculous dances mommy will do for her

Somtimes I just want to freeze time so I can soak up all of her in this moment. I just know time is going to fly since it has already and she's never going to be like this again.

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