Friday, December 13, 2019

My SheIn Christmas Wishlist

I haven't been able to shop since we are moving, but that doesn't mean I'm not creating a wishlist. SheIn has so many great holiday styles that are so cute and cozy! What is on your Christmas wishlist this year?

You can use my special code"glitterandjuls15" until December 31st for an extra 15% off your SheIn order. Happy Shopping!

Monday, December 9, 2019

Simple DIY "Thanks A Latte" Holiday Gift and Other Gift Ideas

I always like a fun DIY gift to give as holiday gifts for the teachers. With 4 kids I can't splurge like I would want to so it's usually a thoughtful handmade gift or a gift card. Gift cards are always a top teacher gift when I have taken a poll.  But I don't like just stuffing a gift card in an envelope so I like creative ways to package them.

The idea was sparked when my office catered Starbucks coffee and there were holiday cups left-over the next day. There were enough for all four teachers so I saved them and found a cute printable from blog, Feeling Nifty!

I also picked up some candy and cards so the kids could each write a personalized note to their teachers. I think they turned out so well so I thought I would share how I put them together!

Below are some other great DIY gift ideas I've done in the past:
  • Cozy fleece blanke with gift tag "Have a Cozy Little Christmas"
  • Hand painted plastic ornaments as seen here  
  • Holiday socks and nail polish with gift tag "For your Mistle Toes"
  • Hot cocoa mix in clear plastic ornaments

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving and Life Lately

I haven't written a blog post in awhile. Life has been crazy around the Cruzan house and I just realized I really haven't shared too much about what's been happening.

The Cruzans are moving to North Carolina!! 

Back up to September... Noah accepted a position at a new company in Charlotte. During the summer, we almost moved there but with everything going on with Lily, we decided to stay put so we could focus on Lily's recovery.

Crazy enough this new company was still interested in Noah. This time, I thought "let's just do it". These opportunities don't come often and it was a great career move for Noah. I was extremely proud of him and he had moved to Savannah all those years ago for me. It was my time.

After we officially made the decision, it kick-started the next set of events-- Prepare the house to be put on the market, sell our home, find a job, look for a new home, MOVE....

We are in the thick of packing our house up now. We were blessed to receive an offer on our house within 1 month from putting it on the market and we just found a new house for us to move into in Charlotte.

Let me just say, moving out of state with four kids is no small feat! It is definitely not for the faint of heart. I've had my share of bad days where my anxiety takes over, but I can say things are starting to fall into place. With a solid move date now, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I have so much to be grateful for.... My mother-in-law did not hesitate when we asked her to stay with us to help with the kids through this move. She has been so wonderful. I got so lucky! My friends have been so awesome too. Just this week my best friend Amy spent her day off helping me with packing. We are so grateful for our realtor, Mark, for helping us sell our house and connecting us with folks in Charlotte. We have had the best guidance and we could not have done all of this without help! I am just so thankful to everyone for getting us through this!

In the next few weeks we close on our home here and also close on our house in Charlotte. It is starting to feel real and I am excited for this next adventure for our family. Wish us luck!

In between packing and preparing for our move, we squeezed in family photos. I am so happy we did because I cannot wait to print these to hang in the new house!

Happy Thanksgiving for my crew to yours! 

Photography by my talented friend, Kate :)

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

4 Ways to Support Your Blogger Friends for FREE

Blogging is not my full time job. Do I wish at some point it would turn from a side hustle to a full time gig? Yes, I would. I truly enjoy being a blogger because it's an amazing creative outlet for me. Blogging full time would also give me the flexibility I desire to be a more involved mom for my kids.

Currently, I've have been introduced to so many wonderful opportunities to work with different brands to promote products. In exchange for creating the content and spreading the word, I may be compensated.

It may seem like bloggers are always in your face asking you to open up your wallet. I feel the same way sometimes when I see my favorite bloggers. I understand not everyone is rolling in the dough and that is okay.

Another part of being a blogger is finding new partnerships and work. Although I have a full time job, adulting really sucks. Earning money through blogging helps my family feel a little less stressed by adding a little cushion.

Finding those new partnerships can be challenging because brands usually only work with bloggers with a big reach because they are looking for a relationship that will be mutually beneficial. This is where I could definitely use your support.

I don't think everyone realizes just how much the support you give matters. Every like, every follow, every comment, re-share, tag, etc. matters so much.

Did you know there are ways to support your blogger friends without even spending a dime? Let me share with you 4 easy ways to do it!

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