Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Bump Date

I have not been so great blogging about this pregnancy so far, blogging in general really. Oopsie. I hope to make it up in this post.
So where do I start? If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you have probably seen how the pregnancy is progressing.
The first trimester flew by. I cannot believe I am already 18 weeks along. First off, I started showing almost immediately with this pregnancy. I think the bump made its appearance as early as 8 weeks! I’ve been fortunate not to feel any morning sickness, but at the beginning I was way tired. I have a lot more energy into the second trimester for sure. The baby has been growing every week and I love the days I get to hear his little heartbeat. That’s right, I said “his”! We found out a couple of weeks ago (father’s day weekend) the Cruzan’s are finally getting a baby boy! We could not be more excited! I have already started picking up things for the nursery and I cannot wait to start buying baby boy items.
The girls have been so excited too. Ava and Lily love to rub my belly and they even talk to their little brother already. Last night I told Ava he could hear her when she talks to him and that made her eyes light up. I told her he will be able to recognize her voice the more she talks to him.
Since all I have are little girls things I have had to create a registry to get an idea of things I’ll need for our little guy. I’ll have to rely on friends and family with little boys to hopefully hand down baby clothes.
At my last appointment the baby’s heart beat was 143 bpm and he weighed 9 oz. He is the size of a green pepper.
The coolest thing about pregnancy is being able to feel the baby. I have definitely noticed movements and it will only be a matter of time Noah and the girls will be able to feel it too.
We have started to think about names but Noah and I are having a hard time agreeing already. I have a feeling this baby will be nameless until the very end. As much as I want to let Noah name his baby boy, I don’t trust that he won’t name the kid Damian. I’m sorry but since the movie, The Omen, Damian will forever be the devil’s kid. My kid will not be named that.
I will try to be better about posting as the pregnancy progresses. Here are some photos in the mean time J
                                                                       Belly bump at 8 weeks
                                                                                         Baby at 10 wks
                                                              Belly bump at 12 weeks
                                                                                   Baby at 17 weeks

                                                                         Belly bump at 17 weeks

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Father's Day with Minted

For Mother's Day I wanted to do something special with my two girls, Ava and Lily. I asked a friend if she could take some pictures of us. There is a special bond between moms and daughters and I wanted to cherish these moments together before the new baby arrives.  These pictures were just perfect for the print I wanted from Minted. They have such a fun collection of photo gifts. 

Since father's day is around the corner I wanted to let you know Minted is offering for a limited time 15% off all customer photo gifts! Make this Father's Day extra special with a sentimental touch! 

Use code "PHOTOGIFT15" through 11:59 p.m. PT on 6/15! 

Here's a link to the design I used! 

And here are some fun ideas that any dad would love: 

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