Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hospital Time Take Two

I had a follow-up appt with the doctor yesterday. I was hoping that things had not changed and I could spend the rest of my week at home again. But I felt a few contractions while we were in the waiting room and the doctor checked my cervix. It turns out I had dialated one more cm (3 total now) than I was last weekend. He then made the executive decision to admit me in the hospital for further monitoring so my little stay at home was short-lived. But I guess it's the best place for me to be.

Yesterday the doctor came to see me and noticed I was having contractions every 5 minutes which is not what we wanted. He gave me an additional medication to try and stop the contractions. He told me if we couldn't stop it we might see her by midnight!
But the meds did its job and the contractions were less frequent through-out the night. I'm just waiting on what the doctor has to say for the rest of this week. I wish I knew when she was going to come.
I had another ultra sound done this morning and the baby is going well so that makes me happy. She has been moving around and has been practicing her breathing too.

The following have been my companions since being in the hospital.

The IV is not really my friend, but I have to take it every where I go. I hate needles and this time it's been really bothering me. I'm sick of being pricked.

Thank goodness Noah brought me our laptop bc there's only so much tv I can watch. At least American Idol is on tonight so I have something to look forward to.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Weeks 33-36

This is my second weekend on bedrest but at least this time I'm spending it at home and not in a lonely hospital room. It's been a long week and I have another week to go. I have a doctor's appointment Monday morning and I'm anxious to see if anything has changed. I wonder if I make it 35 weeks if the doctor will just let the pregnancy continue on it's own or if he'll decide to induce me.

The baby has been moving around which is a positive sign. I can feel her dropping for sure. Hopefully she has gained at least a half a pound and her lungs are continuing to mature.

I've been having dreams for the past few nights that I'm in labor. I wake myself up to check if I'm feeling contractions but it's never the case. I guess I'm feeling more and more anxious about it. Part of me wants it over with so we can meet our baby and part of me wants to just stay pregnant to make sure she's strong enough.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Love is in the Air or in the Water

So many of our friends are engaged this year so I thought I'd feature them in this post. Noah and I have lots of weddings to go to this year. It will be our first since our wedding. Love must be in the air, or in the water. Who's next???

(Rachel and Bill are friends of ours from Virginia. They are getting married in May.)

(Lauren is one of my best friends. She just got engaged over Valentine's Day weekend. Congrats to Lauren and Micah! They plan to get married this October.)

(Heather is another one of my best friends. Her and Mark got engaged in Ireland and are getting married in April.)

(Cassie, my preggo-partner-in-crime, and Thomas are newly engaged too! They are expecting a baby girl (Riley Elizabeth) in April and a wedding date is still in the works.)

I'm so happy for all these couples. Marriage has been so much fun so far and I can only hope the best for our closest friends!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Baby Update

I've been in the hospital since Friday morning. It's been a long weekend but I am hoping today is my last day here and I can sleep in my bed with my Noah.

This morning I had an ultra sound done and everything seems to be looking great. I was surprised when the tech said Ava was only 4 lbs, 4 oz. That's so tiny and too tiny to want to be coming in the world. I'm praying she will give it alittle more time so she's stronger when she comes into the world.

I still can't believe I'll be able to hold her in a couple of weeks (if she makes it to two weeks). Noah and I are both pretty anxious for her to join our family.

This year is going to be a whirl wind year. This past weekend another one of my best friends got engaged. Lauren and Micah are officially engaged and that makes at least two weddings for me to attend this year. We are all growing up. It's so surreal but I'm so thankful to still have them in my life and our friendship is still so strong.

(my ultra sound pic this morning ot my sweet baby girl)

(Lauren and Heather are getting married this year. I could not be happier for them. My girls. I love them)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day and Happy New Year!

This year Vietnamese New Year landed on Valentine's Day. I'm spending it in my hospital room so that's not too fun, but the staff just delivered me a flower and a cupcake :)

I had visitors earlier but they left for a bit. I should take this time to take a nap but I thought I make a quick post first.

Noah's been great. He's had quite a honey-to-do list since I've been stuck here since Friday, but he's handling it well. It's been hard for me to rely on other people but I need to learn and accept all the help I can get.

The baby seems to be settled so that's a relief. I'm still 2 cm dialated so hopefully that won't change with the help of the drugs I'm on. I have an ultra sound tomorrow so I'm excited to see a glimpse of her. Maybe if things keep going well I can go home tomorrow. But now I'm thinking I might just want to stay here. At least here I know I can't go anywhere and hender my progress. Plus, people have been waiting on me and that's been nice. I can't move when I get home anyway. I would love to get home and clean the house and organize the nursery but that's not going to happen so I'm not sure why I want to go home so badly.

Okay, I think it's time for a nap. Hope this year is a good year. So far so good :)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Not The Friday I Expected

So today did not turn out the way I thought it was going to be. Woke up for work, normal. Go into work, normal. But then ouchie, felt a cramp. I was thinking no big deal just another symptom pregnant women feel. But then I felt it again and then again. My co-workers convinced me to call my doctor. I was thinking it was just braxton hicks contractions but I was wrong. Turns out I am having consistent contractions and I'm already two centimeters dialated! Ava must be ready for the world, but I'm not ready yet. Her nursery isn't ready, I have no hospital bag packed, and I still have so much stuff to buy before I was ready for her. At my last doctor's appt. my doctor said he would be surprised if I made it to March so I was thinking I would have at least 4 weeks. But now the doctor tells me I have two weeks max and I'm on bedrest for the rest of the pregnancy. I'm at the hospital still and they are keeping me over the weekend and giving me drugs to try and stop the contractions. All these new developments in one day is mind blowing. I'm trying not to stress about everything but it's hard because if you know me I always find something to stress about. My next immediate stress is the steroid shot they are going to shoot in my butt tomorrow. I've already had one tonight and I cried like a baby.

Today has just been a weird day. Not what I was expecting. And it's snowing in Savannah which hasn't happened since 1989. With all this info who thinks Ava will make it to two weeks????

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