Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Our World is About to be Rocked!

Come April I will have everything I've ever wanted. Good Job. Check. Being Home with Family. Check. Married to the love of my life. Check. Owning my own Home. Check. And last but not least... Drum Roll Please.... Becoming a Mommy! Yes, that's right! Noah and I are proud to announce we will be welcoming our first child in April! Words cannot begin to describe how happy and excited we are! This journey for us has not been easy but we are thankful and very blessed for this moment to finally arrive!

I've been so bad about posting on my blog because the only thing I've wanted to write about is how happy I am about being pregnant. We made a decision to wait until I got past the first trimester to tell everyone the good news. Of course, the news has slowly been leaking out. It's hard to hold something like that in especially since it's such a special time for us. With each day I get more and more excited about the baby. I am 13 weeks (14 weeks on Thursday!) and the baby is doing well so far. We have heard the heart beat twice and I have seen the baby jumping around like crazy at my last ultrasound. At our last appointment the doctor told us we have an 80% chance to find out the sex of our baby in two weeks! I can hardly wait!

So many big changes are ahead of us. Our house is in the process of being built. We drive by our new neighborhood almost every weekend and so much has been done in such a short amount of time. It will be ready in no time. We are equally as excited about having a house to really call our own. What a great way to welcome our little one come April. I'm excited to set up the nursery.We should be good and settled by the time the baby arrives. I'm looking forward to the fun parts of my pregnancy like watching my belly grow, registering for baby items, attending baby showers, and maternity leave. :)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Show Us Your Life - School Pictures

So I should have posted these pictures two weeks ago as a Friday, Show Us Your Life feature on school pictures but didn't know how to use my home scanner until now. My pictures were just too good not to share so be prepared to be entertained this fine Saturday. Let's start in order shall we?

(This is my first grade picture. I have no clue if I picked this outfit out or if my mom did, but it's super 80's isn't it? Two important things to notice here. 1) I have grills as my top row of teeth. Yes, solid silver teeth. No wonder my teeth are still jacked up. I had problems drinking milk when I was little. It's a good thing I didn't care too much back then because I smiled big in all my pictures when I had these teeth. 2) I guess I ripped a hole in my stockings that day and I had the intention of just covering up the hole in the picture, but too bad the photographer never told me I was covering up the wrong knee. Shame on him. My parents still bought this picture for some reason. They blew it up too. Great.)

(This ladies and gents is my third grade picture. I no longer have my silver teeth. They were replaced with huge chic-let teeth. You can still tell I am the child of the 80's with my puffy sleeves. I remember this dress was super itchy.)

( It's okay to laugh at me here. This is my seventh grade school picture. On the morning of picture day as I was curling my bangs I smelt something burning. Then I saw hair falling in the sink. I BURNT my bangs OFF? On PICTURE DAY? This picture was doomed from the start. First off, my chic-let teeth never got any better so now I am brace face. Secondly, I still managed to curl my bangs thinking it would look less noticeable. I was wrong. Notice this is just the proof because I refused to buy this picture.)

(This is my eleventh grade picture. No more braces thank goodness. My eyebrows are not looking like caterpillars anymore and I got rid of the bangs.)

(Finally, this is my senior picture.)

Hope you enjoyed these as much as it pained me to post.
Happy Saturday People :)
Oh and Go DAWGS!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

5 Weekend Realizations

1. I miss college. Cheering for and nervously sitting in my livingroom watching my Bulldawgs pull of the win over the Gamecocks in Stanford stadium made me realize how much I miss being in Athens. It's been three years now and I'm starting to feel much older as the years increase from my graduation.

2. College football can higher my blood pressure.

2. I love being home. On Saturday I went to watch my nephew, Alex play soccer in Stateboro. Last weekend I went to Hilton Head to see him play. I would have never been able to do that if I was still living in Virginia. I love being able to spend time with my family whenever I want to.

3. Living with my parent's house isn't as bad as I thought. It's been here three weeks and I thought we would want to pull each other's hair out already but we've managed to coexist pretty smoothly. The only bad thing, which I have realized only this Sunday, is my husband no longer has his precious NFL Sunday Ticket and I already notice how depressed he is not being able to watch his team play every week. He is lucky they are having a free preview of it this week. I am NOT about to pay for it twice though.

4. I haven't had any ice cream in my system for the last two weeks. This is NOT a good realization. Now I want some. Must. have. some.

5. Fall is coming! I do miss the leaves changing and the nice fall weather when we lived in VA, but Savannah will catch up soon enough. I can't wait to bring out my scarves :)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Show Us How You Live- Favorite Vacations

So this week I'm sharing a couple of my favorite vacation trips. I haven't been much of a traveler like I would like to be but I have been on some awesome vacation trips nonetheless. I'll start with the most recent trip which was to Disneyworld! I am such a kid at heart. This past March I went to Orlando with a couple of my best friends for a four day, fun-filled mini vacation to all the theme parks we could squeeze in. I had such a good time. It was just four days of forgetting about work, hanging out with awesome friends, and feeling like a kid. The weather was perfect and it was the best time of the year to go to theme parks because we didn't have to stand in any lines and we rode rides like 4 or 5 times in a row. Just a good ole' time all around. Here are some fun pictures from that trip.

(Amy, me, and Lauren wearing our Minnie Mouse ears)

(Amy, me and Lauren outside Tower of Terror, my favorite ride! We rode this like 4 times in a row)

(Me, Amy, Lauren, and Lauren's boyfriend Micah out side Cinderella's Castle!)

And I can't forget about my honeymoon trip to Puerto Rico as an awesome vacation. It was mine and Noah's first official trip as newlyweds. We had a blast. It was such a nice break from all the hecticness of the wedding and just a chance for us to really enjoy each other as husband and wife. We went sightseeing the first full day we were there in Old San Juan. We visited the old forts and the Bacardi Rum Factory. We were true tourists taking pictures of everything, shopping for souvenirs and eating at the local eateries. The second day we went on an all day tour of El Yunque National Rain Forest and ended the day kayaking at night in the Bio-luminescent Bay. The last full day we just stayed poolside and went to the beach and just relaxed.

(This is us in the rain forest. So pretty)

(at one of the two old forts in Old San Juan)

(enjoying the tour at the Bacardi Factory)

(in the streets of Old San Juan)

If it was up to me I would find time every year to take a real vacation and go somewhere awesome each time. Now all I have to do is change Noah's mind about traveling. He's such a home body :( boo.

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