Monday, September 28, 2015

Baby Boy Cruzan's Shower

This past Sunday my friends and family threw me a baby shower in celebration of our little (no name) man. Cassie, Mandy and my sister, Cecilia hosted it at Paula Deen's Lady & Son's Restaurant. Everything was so wonderful. The food was amazing and so were the people who came out to celebrate with us!

Baby Cruzan was super spoiled. It was fun to open up all the little boys' stuff. I'm so used to girls' clothes and toys it is nice to change it up finally.

Lily and Ava helped me open presents and they were ripping through those bags so fast! I had to keep telling Lily to slow down so I could see what everyone got us.

I was able to hang out with a few of my oldest friends over the weekend too. It's always so nice being able to catch up because we all are so busy with kids and life in general.

I can't wait for Noah to get back from Sweden so we can finish getting everything off our registry. We have a few more big items and then the wait begins for our little guy to arrive.

As I am 32 weeks this week I need to start thinking about packing a hospital bag and Noah needs to start building some of the stuff like the high chair and stroller. I cannot believe how fast the last trimester is going!

Since Ava and Lily were both early I'm assuming this baby will make an early arrival too. Any guesses? My EDD is November 26th.

Enjoy some of the pictures snapped at the shower :)

The beautiful hostesses! 

Me and the girls 

Me and my guests :) 

Baby Cruzan is already so spoiled! 

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Bump Date on Baby No Name Cruzan

So much has happened since my last bump date. I was 18 weeks along when I posted and now I'm 31 weeks (tomorrow).

Two weeks ago I went in for my one hour glucose intolerance testing. I never failed my other two tests when I was pregnant with Ava and Lily so I was sure I was going to pass this time too. Wrong. I failed by 5 points. So last week I had to endure the three hour test. That means I had to drink more of that syrupy drink, they had to draw blood from me 4 times and check my blood sugar level! Thank goodness I passed! What a relief!

I was looking forward to last Friday's appointment because I was able to see the baby on the ultrasound! He is measuring 2 weeks a head and is doing just great. He had hiccups and it was just so great to know everything is still on track. He is healthy with a heart rate of 161 bpm. Since he is measuring 2 weeks ahead that means I could either have a big baby boy or he may make his appearance sooner than Thanksgiving. I'm hoping he arrives early! He's already 4 lbs., 2 oz. and is in head down position!

Baby C has been moving around a ton. Lily felt his big kicks for the first time and she was so intrigued.

I barely have tops that will fit me. I've resorted to wearing Noah's t-shirts at night because they are more comfortable than squeezing in even my bigger shirts. Been getting up more at night to use the bathroom too.

Momma has gained more weight. I hit the scale at 155.6 lbs. That means I've gained a total of 25.6 lbs. already, more this time than my previous pregnancies. I still have approximately 9 weeks too. Oh well, it will all be worth it.

I can't wait to meet my little man. We have not decided on a name. Noah is pretty set on Leviathan Max Cruzan, so I guess it's just me holding out on a name. I don't think I will decide until he gets here.

This morning my work threw me a baby shower. The breakfast spread was so yummy. I feel so blessed to have such a great work family. This weekend is my other baby shower thrown by my besties and sister. I'm so excited to see everyone and celebrate the baby again! Baby C is spoiled already!

Baby C at 30 weeks

Momma C at 30 weeks

At my work baby shower today :)

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Transition into Fall with Izzy Maternity

Styling my growing belly has been fun this summer but as fall is fast approaching, I've been looking forward to layering, cozy tops, scarves and boots. 

This tunic from Izzy Maternity is the perfect addition to my maternity closet. It's such a great versatile piece to transition into fall. The temperatures haven't been anywhere near sweater weather yet in Georgia so it's nice to have the option to wear this top sleeveless. When the weather does get cooler I'll be able to layer this tunic over a long sleeve tee. I love the rich purple color, another great color for fall! I also love the shape of this tunic, from the wide cowl neck to the pleats over the belly. 

For more petite woman like myself this can even serve as a little mini dress over a pair of tights and some ankle booties. 

Today, I paired it with some jersey leggings, strappy pointed flats and this adorable bow necklace! 

This tunic is available at Izzy Maternity. Check out my post on Instagram (@glitterandjuls) for a chance to win a $50 gift certificate to their shop! Even if you're not a winner, use code "glitterandjuls" at checkout from now until October 31st for 10% off your entire purchase! 

photo credit: hubby and my 5 year old, Ava :) 

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Friday, September 18, 2015

It's Friday, I'm in Love!

Being pregnant, I haven't even looked at clothes to be on my wish list since I'm all over the place. My current wish list is all about shoes and accessories, things I'll be able to use all the time.

What are you currently craving? Besides ice cream and seafood, these items make my list this week!