Thursday, March 31, 2016

DIY Tassel Crossbody {Rebecca Minkoff Mini Sofia Tassel Bag Inspired}

This highly coveted Rebecca Minkoff 'mini Sofia crossbody" has been sold out every where I have looked. It stood out to me because of the bright tassels but also because of the whopping price tag- $245! I couldn't justify spending this much money on such a trendy purse so I decided it would be a fun project to try recreating the look. I even convinced my #igbestie (@beingmrsfowler), Megan, of Being Mrs. Fowler blog, to do it with me. 

Megan helped me find a couple of different cognac colored cross body bags. I went with one found on eBay. I liked that this bag could be used as a clutch or worn as a cross body style and I like the double tassel detail. The $9 price tag also sealed the deal. 

Other supplies needed: 
Tassels (I found these on Etsy)
Fishing line (I used what I had, some clear elastic cord)
thin leather strips- I just cut one of the inside strips from the tassels on the purse

I got overly excited with the project and I totally forgot to take step by step photos but I'll just send you over to Megan's blog because I used the same method!

Here is the final result. I think it turned out great! And for $21 I have zero buyer's remorse!

I used it on my birthday as a clutch for dinner and drinks with my girlfriends. It was the perfect complement to by boho look!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

New Closet Additions

I spent my birthday money on some fun new pieces to add to my closet this spring and summer. I am obsessed with gingham prints and lace-up sandals at the moment. I added a rose quartz swing top and a floral top too! 

shop the taupe lace-up sandals here. The rest is linked below. 

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Ava is 6!

I've been meaning to write a blog post about Ava turning 6 but last week was crazy between company in town, birthday parties, and Levi having the flu.
All is back to normal so I wanted to write a little something about my baby, my first born, turning 6 years old!
I cannot even believe our little baby girl is 6 years old. Ava is an incredible kid. She is our happy, kind, and loving girl. She loves to sing and play with make-up and accessories. Her favorite stores are Justice and Claires. She's a great big sister always accomodating and willing to keep the peace.
Our nick name for her, her alter ego, is Grumpy Gal. We call her this because she turns into a whole other person when she doesn't get her beauty rest. She's not a morning person at all and her mood changes completely when she's tired. It generally doesn't last long and we our sweet Ava returns.
She is in kindergarten and is thriving. We are so proud of her.
Ava is growing so fast. Her legs mostly. She's wearing size 6-7 clothes but most of her pants are too short.
She's still very much a daddy's girl and is super girly like her mom. She loves to shop and loves sweets!
Sometimes when she talks I can see into the future. She talks older than she is sometimes. It makes me sad because I feel like it wasn't that long ago she was Levi's age.

To celebrate this year we hosted her party at the movie theater and watched Zootopia. She had a great time with family and friends!
We love Ava so much and can't wait to see what Year 6 has in store for her! Happy Birthday my pretty girl! 

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

St. Patrick's day is a big celebration in our city. Last Friday, the fountains were dyed green in preparation for the festivities and my sister and I went down to Forsyth Park to check it out. 

The Gramercy Lace Dress from Shabby Apple is the perfect shade of green! The lace detail is beautiful and the material is very soft! This dress comes in a vibrant pink and a soft purple too! My necklace is Kendra Scott in Ivory Pearl, so pretty. 

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Lookielookies: Look & Smile Photo Companions

I take a ton of pictures of my kids. My husband is always getting on to me about snapping pictures all the time when we're out, but I don't care! I can't help that our kids are cute and I HAVE to document every little bit of it.

But do you ever have pictures where one or none of your kiddos are looking at the camera? You snap like a bazillion takes just to get one good one? I found the answer for you-- get yourself a lookielookies! What is that you ask?

Lookielookies is the cutest gadget that helps you to take awesome photos of your precious kids!

I think this gadget is awesome! It can attach to your camera or phone and the little zookie or jookie sits near the lens so your kid will look in the right place. These cute lookielookies blink in colorful lights to grab your little one's attention and makes them smile! It comes with a carrying case so you can take it along with you in your purse or diaper bag.

If you're a momtog like me you should really buy one. Right now, bundles are 20% off too! 

I've been using our lookielookies to take my son's milestone photos! He looks right at the camera and is fascinated by the flashing lights! Getting him to look at the camera is so easy now! 

Levi is 4 Months Old!

Levi is 4 months old today. I don't know any of his stats because his doctor's appointment isn't until next week but I'll come back and post it here when I get it. He is more and more alert and loves to express himself with baby gurgles and coos.

He is a growing boy. He barely fits into his 3 months clothes. He has some long legs so we have been putting him in some 6 months clothes. He drinks mama's milk like a champ but is having a hard time transitioning to bottles. I think we need to integrate them more at home so he can take them better at daycare.

My boy is a very happy child. Any time I wake him from sleep or a nap he greets me with a big smile. He is laughing a lot now too. His favorite thing to do is suck on his hands and fingers but we have been working on keeping teething toys he can grasp so he doesn't choke. He is starting to use his fingers more to grasp at things. My necklaces are always at risk of breaking when I'm holding him.

Levi's head isn't so wobbly anymore and when propped up he can sit up pretty well. He can follow you pretty well with his eyes. He is a mighty kicker. He's close to rolling too when we place him on his play mat.

He is still drinking about 3 oz per feeding and he is not quite ready for baby food yet.

He sleeps pretty well and we are working to get him to sleep the whole night. We are close. He gives me a good stretch but still wakes to nurse at least once.

We love our little Levi man. His cheeks are to die for and we have been enjoying each milestone he reaches! We are about to celebrate his first Easter. Can't wait to dress him up and give him his first Easter basket.

We love you, Levi!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Throw Levi a Bone: The Baby Bone Teether

Levi hasn't sprouted his first tooth yet but he's definitely showing the sure signs of teething. I've been trying out all kinds of teethers for him. He is four months old and he doesn't have the best control of his hands yet but he does pretty well when you put something around his tiny fingers to grasp. He has started to bring his hands to his mouth too but ends up gagging himself on occasion. To prevent this we are constantly placing teething toys in his hands so he can gnaw on them safely. 

I have recently been introduced to the Baby Bone teether and they have been great! These teethers are 100% made in the USA designed by two nurses/moms. The bone shape is well-designed for Levi's small hands and I don't have to worry about him choking. My favorite part is the baby bone has a variety of textures all over intended to sooth his itchy and achy gums. It comes in a three vibrant fun colors too! 

So throw your teething baby a bone with BabyBone Teether! Use my exclusive code "glitterandjuls" for 20% off your entire purchase plus free shipping! The code expires in 30 days so don't hesitate! 

Friday, March 4, 2016

T-shirt Trilogy: Look 3

This style challenge has been so fun! I love that you can never go wrong with a plain white tee and jeans! 

Today I'm sharing my last look of the t-shirt trilogy! 

I added a utility vest and leopard flats. All three of my looks during this style challenge were super casual and that's okay! My days are usually with the kids so I need an outfit that is stylish yet practical! 

Outfit Details:
White Tee: Target
Jeans: Forever 21
Flats: Mindy Mae's Market (old)
Necklace: Stella & Dot

A special thanks to my sister for taking pictures for me! 

T-shirt Trilogy: Look 2

It was so fun to see everyone participate on Instagram with the style challenge @beingmrsfowler and I hosted remixing the ultimate basic outfit, a plain white tee and jeans. 

The second way I styled a white tee and jeans was adding a light floral scarf and a couple of jewels. This look was perfect for a beautiful day exploring downtown Savannah. I love the spanish hanging moss and big oak trees! 

Levi loved the fresh air and he wanted part of the action too! 

White Tee: Target
Jeans: Forever 21 
Bag: Madewell
Scarf: Target (old)
Necklace and Earrings: Kendra Scott

T-Shirt Trilogy: Look 1

The ultimate basic outfit to me is a plain white tee and jeans. There are so many possible outfit combinations!  Megan of Being Mrs. Fowler and I decided it would be fun to remix this outfit three different ways.

To kick off this fun style challenge we are calling the t-shirt trilogy, we wanted to invite our friends from Instagram to join us! If you are on Instagram follow me at @glitterandjuls and Megan at @beingmrsfowler. Use hashtag #tshirttrilogy to show us how you remix a plain white tee and jeans!

The next few posts we will share with you our other two looks!

For my first look, I added a flowy floral kimono, a mint necklace, and some strappy camel colored wedge sandals.

My sister and I went downtown Savannah and the weather was so nice. We walked to a cute little coffee shop and took pictures in the famous Forrest Gump square.

Outfit Details:
White Tee: Target
Jeans: Forever 21
Kimono: Kohl's
Earrings: Kendra Scott (Sadie Spear)
Wedge Sandals: Ross
Necklace: Teething Necklace (gifted)

Thursday, March 3, 2016

It's Friday, I'm in Love

Happy Friday everyone! It's that time again! Just sharing a few things on my current wish list! 

How fun are those Cherry Blossom print tennies that you can personalize? My mom loved cherry blossoms so every time I see them I'm reminded of her. The cool part about these shoes is that you can personalize them. I think I want mine to have #MOM. 

Wednesday, March 2, 2016