Friday, April 2, 2010

Mystery No More

It is super quiet in my house right now. Noah left for work and Noah's mom left to go back to Virginia this morning. It's just me, the baby, and Paxx until I have to go back to work. It's a little scary to think about being alone and not having someone to help me anymore but I guess I knew this time was going to come sooner than later. So far so good. Ava is napping and so is Paxx. I think after Ava's next feeding we'll all take a walk and then come back so I can take a nap (If things go my way).

Ava has been a bit gassy for the past couple of days. It took some time for her to settle down last night so I'm a bit exhausted. I was getting a little frustrated but that feeling melts away as soon as I see her smile in her sleep.

I go back to work at the end of this month. I can't believe how quick the past 2 weeks have passed. It sucks knowing I only have a few weeks to go :( I'm going to be a mess and that is for certain.

On a happier note though, since Ava has arrived we've been receiving all kinds of cards and packages for her. We truly have the best family and friends. It's so considerate of everyone to take the time to send something. I know I can get super lazy and then the time frame passes and I don't get around to things like sending a simple card.

My most anticipated package was from the New Baby Welcome Wagon. For months since I was first pregnant I have been receiving little packages from a mystery person and it's been driving me nuts not knowing who they are. I received a phone call earlier this week from a lady claiming she was from the New Baby Welcome Wagon wondering if I received my last package so I was thinking it might be a company or something. I didn't recognize her voice at all. The packages were being sent to my parents' address and since we've moved out it takes longer for those packages to get to us. But I picked the last package up yesterday from the post office.

When I read the bottom of the poem it brought the biggest smile to my face. My co-worker, Darrell and his family had been the ones sending me these packages. Darrell is like a papabear to me at work. He has such a huge heart and I never expected it to be him. So sweet!

The poem reads::
"To Julia, Noah, and Ava,
Now that Ava is here all safe and sound,
We know you and Noah are awful proud.
The labor is over and the work was hard,
But soon it'll be time to put swings in the back yard.
We hope we have made the waiting period a little more pleasant,
with the encouraging word and the small little presents.
We know you've been wondering without any doubt,
Who we are and what we are all about.
The time has scome to let you know and we're not braggin',
We are the "New Baby Welcome Wagon"
The New Baby Welcome Wagon
President- Dottie M. (Director of Purchasing, Shipping, Packaging, Finance) cute huh?, his wife
CEO- Darrell M. (Part-time Poet) this made me laugh and smile
Design Director- Katie M. my co-worker's daughter
Toy Chew Tester -Lucy M. his dog
Co-Conspirator- Shannon C. my other co-worker who must have had the hardest time keeping such a secret. I used to come into work talking about these packages and she kept such a straight face. I could not have done that.


  1. omg!!!!! how sweet!!!!! so he was putting these packages together for you?!?!

  2. That is so sweet! I would have never expected a male co-worker! I'll be in Savannah the weekend of the 24th-- I would love love love to see you and meet Miss Ava. :)

  3. I give credit mostly to his wife. She's a super sweetheart.


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