Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Heather and Mark's Wedding

My last post was super depressing so I need something positive to think about.

This Friday one of my oldest girlfriends is getting married!!! I know the wedding will be beautiful. It feels like yesterday when we were in middle school all boy crazy, riding bikes back and forth around the island, and taking turns spending the night at each other's houses. Now we are getting married and having babies. I'm so thankful to have all my close friends still in my life and I can celebrate these big moments with them.

The wedding will be at the Mansion downtown and I am taking a half day at work so I can spend some time with the girls as they are getting ready. I was originally supposed to be a bridesmaid but ended up not being in it because I didn't know when I was going to have the baby. It makes me very sad that I can't be a part of her big day in that way, but I guess it's something I have to accept.

I'm happy to be able to see all my other close friends at the wedding. I grew up with a core group of friends (Mandy, Cassie, Heather, Lauren, Amy, and Brett). We have always stayed in touch and remain very close. I haven't seen Brett since he got engaged and Lauren will be staying with me for the weekend so that's nice. It will also be my first time out since I've had the baby. It should be a very fun time and I'm so looking forward to it. Pictures to come!!!

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