Monday, April 19, 2010

The Inevitable Is Approaching

This is my last week of maternity leave. I know going to work is something I have to do and there is no point in complaining about something I can't control, but I am totally distraught over it. From this point on, I'll only get to enjoy Ava all day on weekends and when I take vacation days.

She's been so fun even though all she does is sleep, poop, and eat. I love snuggling with her and taking afternoon naps. She makes funny faces in her sleep and I could smell and kiss her all day long.

Ugh... I'm so sad I don't want to think about it anymore. Moving on...

Check this out! I want to try to get Ava used to sleeping in her crib so starting today I decided to have her take naps in the nursery. The vastness of the crib is too much for Ava right now since she likes to be swaddled so I brought the bouncy seat in the crib to ease the transition a bit. Hopefully by the time she is 6-8 weeks she'll be able to sleep in her crib with no problems.


  1. omg! is that a baby monitor??!!

  2. Yea, hearing her was not enough for me. I have to be able to see her too!

  3. You're so cute. Way to go on starting the transition! I like your discipline.

  4. I didn't realize how high tech baby monitors are nowadays!!!


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