Wednesday, August 15, 2018

My Picks for Binge-Worthy Shows To Watch

Are you looking for a new show to watch? Today, I'm sharing my recommendations! 

  1. Handmaid’s Tale- This show is set in the present time when the government is over thrown and it taken over by a totalitarian society. It’s based on a novel written by Margaret Atwood. If you’re not watching this show, you totally should. As a woman, this show has resonated with me. With each episode, it brings out all the emotions in me. Handmaid’s Tale is a Hulu-exclusive. The second season just wrapped up so you can easily catch up!
  2. Queer Eye- This show is completely different from the others on this list. I used to watch the original show years ago and decided to watch this version on a whim. I am so happy I did because I was hooked! Be prepared to love the fabulous 5 as they transformative makeovers, revamping their wardrobe, redecorating and offer tips on grooming, culture, and food. I wish they were filming the next season in Savannah because I would totally sign my sweet hubby up! Now, that would be transformation worth watching! The reason why I like this show because it breaks down all the barriers and who doesn’t want to be lifted up inside and outside? I admit I cried quite a few times while watching! You can watch this show on Netflix and there are two seasons! Jonathan, can we be besties please? 
  3. Casual: This is another Hulu-exclusive. Casual is a comedy series about a dysfunctional brother and sister duo. Together, they rely on each other to navigate the dating world while raising a teenage daughter. I love the dynamic of the siblings and the type of humor in this show is right up my ally! There are 4 seasons but I went through them easily in a couple weeks!
  4. Killing Eve: This show has my girl Christina from Grey’s Anatomy in it except she plays a detective chasing after a serial assassin. The series follows these two women, equally obsessed with each other, as they go head to head in a game of cat and mouse. This is an easy binge since there is only 1 season to catch up on. I think Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer are awesome at playing their roles and has been wanting more! I can’t wait to see how the next season plays out! You can catch it on BBC America. 
  5. The Affair: This show can be found on Showtime. Clearly, the show is about two people that enter an affair. The series explores how the affair affects the characters involved. I love the way this show is filmed, you get to see different point of views and it's so interesting. The show is on it's 5th season and I can't wait to see how it ends! 
  6. The Sinner: I was interested in this show because I haven't seen Jessica Biel in anything and I love a good crime thriller. The first season is about a young mother who commits a public act of violence and the investigator who attempts to learn why. It's a bit dark but if you like thrillers you'll keep watching to find out what's going on! I'm on the second season now and I'm not sure what it's about just yet but I can't wait to find out. I love Bill Pullman! The first season is on Netflix and the second season is on USA Network.

Bonus show: If you’re looking for just a fun, mind-less show to watch the girls and I love to watch Nailed It on Netflix. It’s a show where ordinary people try to recreate complicated desserts in a timed competition to win $10,000 cash. I enjoy Nailed It because I’ve had quite a few Pinterest fails in the kitchen myself. The recreations are so funny and I love that I can watch this with my kids. 

If you end up watching a show from my list let me know! It's fun talking about exciting episodes and would love to know what recommendations you might have for me! I love a good binge-worthy show!

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