Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wednesday with Momma

Patty went to Virginia for the week so the girls have been shuffled around my family this week. I took off today to be with them.

I'm ashamed to admit today was the first time that I had the girls all day by myself. Today I had a glimpse if what my life would be like to be a stay at home mom.

This is how our day went:
8:00: Lily was the first to wake up. Ava woke up shortly after at 8:30. Both girls get "milky" and we watched some tv.
It's Library story time day so around 9:00 we all get dressed. Ava plays in my shoes as I put my make-up on and Lily sits on the sink gnawing on a tube of toothpaste.

Noah left the swagger wagon to me today. Oh yea, pimpin' it out :)

This is the part that made me most nervous. First alone trip in public. And in a library no less. But Ava was fabulous. She loves going every week and as we pulled up she shouted " I'm so excited!" So cute! Lily was also great. She loves looking around at all the kids.

After reading three stories it was coloring in the activity room. Then we picked up daddy from work and headed to lunch!

After lunch was nap time. The best time. For two reasons: 1) Bc I never get a nap during the week and 2) snuggling with my girls!

I love watching them sleep.

Daddy came home just after they woke from nap time and I fixed dinner. I haven't cooked since Mimi moved in a year ago so I knew it had to be easy. Sloppy joes is as easy as it gets.

After dinner we watched some tv and then bathed/showered and changed into our pajamas.
Soon, it was time for bed :)

Tomorrow should be interesting, Thursday with daddy :)

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