Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sick Baby Survival Tips

Having a sick baby is the worst. They can't tell you what hurts and they are just pitiful. You deal with running, stuffy, snotty noses, fevers, cough, crankiness, vomit, the list goes on and on. And you try to do everything in the world to keep your baby healthy, but they will get sick every once in a while. We have been actually really lucky. Ava hasn't been sick in a year and Lily has been well up until now. I remember constantly taking Ava to the doctor or having to pick her up from daycare a lot that first year.

Ava started with the watery eyes, cough, and running nose on Friday. Her nose is so raw, poor thing, from us having to constantly wipe her nose. And now Lily's nose is starting to run. And I can't do much for her in terms of medicine since she's so little.

Having two sick babies is not fun. Especially Lily who can't suck on a pacifier when she is having trouble breathing.

Ava has been so miserable. She has been extra whiny and tired.

So want to know what we have in our arsenal to survive these sick days?

➡Children's Tylenol
➡Children's Claritin and ➡Benedryl
➡Boogie wipes (saline wipes)
➡Nasal aspirator
➡Baby vapor rub
➡vapor bath
➡Bland foods like saltines and apple sauce
➡Popsicles and jello
➡Lots of fluids and electrolytes

Hopefully, this will pass quickly and both girls will feel better soon!

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