Monday, July 9, 2012

Lovely Laundry Land

I did a bit of organizing this weekend. My laundry room has been such an eye sore. Just a dumping ground for stuff we can't find room in the rest of the house for. Don't even get me started our garage. That's our next project.

This isn't the end results but was happy with what I managed to accomplish in between dealing two grumpy children.

It does look a ton better though. I like the bright colors. It was the perfect home for my peacock painting from last month's Art Bash girl night out!

I still plan on either buying a storage unit or something that hangs on the wall to store our broom and mop. I also want to make this for our ironing board.

And this for the missing socks. Or something like it. I like the clothes pins idea.

And maybe some laundry room subway art.

But for now I'm glad the junk has been trashed and the room is more organized.

I wouldn't mind having a t.v. In my next laundry room

or if I was doing laundry in this room

A girl can dream.

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