Saturday, July 14, 2012

Saturday Fun

I love Saturdays when we aren't expected anywhere and we aren't rushing around. We all got up in good moods and we took our time getting showered and dressed for the day.

My Allora necklace always puts me in a good mood.
We made our weekly Target trip an then headed to lunch outside since it was so beautiful out.

We ended up at Bonna Bella Yacht Club Restaurant. It was the perfect pick. Ava enjoyed being outside and seeing the boats go by.

The view was so nice and the fans and the umbrella made the hot day not so bad.

Lily was happy too!

Always think its neat to see our name anywhere, even if it's only because it's the name of rum.

It was nice to be out with my little family.

We all took great naps when we got home. It's automatically a great day when ALL of us get naps!

Lily and I woke up before daddy and Ava so we played in the garage. I just melt every time I see this smile!

I even managed to fold a load of laundry while the girls watched Toy Story 3.

We took the doggies on the walk and we are now relaxing and watching tv before bed. I wouldn't mind more days like

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