Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Capturing Ava - 2 Years Old

Ava has such a personality and at this stage does so many things that are just the cutest and makes me laugh or smile every day. I'm afraid if I don't mark these things down I'll forget when she did them. Since I don't have time to scrapbook, my blog is the next best thing.

My favorite things that she does lately:
1) Dance at any thing on tv with music or a song. She likes for everyone in the house to participate and shout "come on" while she dances!

2) She knows her Mimi's bedtime routine is to read before bedtime so she"ll hop on the bed, get under the covers, puts on mimi's reading glasses on and pretend to read

3) she will say hi to anybody and proceed to say "have a good day". If you could just hear her, it's too cute!

"Narney" = Barney
"chaulky mulk" = chocolate milk

4) every time she FaceTimes her aunts she always asks to speak to Toh-doh (my sister's husband. I don't know how she got this name from "Michael") and Moe-moe (Sarah's husband). She loves her uncles!

She knows a lot of her colors and some letters and numbers. She gets smarter by the minute!

So sad to think my baby is growing so fast.

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