Friday, May 11, 2012

Being Ava and Lily's Mom

Being Ava and Lily's mom means:

➡Constantly singing silly songs all day long and looking like a crazy person in public when Ava asks you to repeat her dance moves.

➡Knowing I have to try a food and say its delicious before Ava will even consider it. (she gets this picky food thing from me unfortunately).

➡rocking back and forth while simultaneously bouncing up and down to get Lily to calm down when she's worked up or to get her to go to sleep.

➡being in the middle of catching up on Facebook or scrolling through Pinterest and having Ava take over the iPad and claiming it is hers.

➡I get good night kisses and hugs before Ava goes in with daddy for bedtime.

➡waking up in the middle of the night annoyed until I see that sweet smiling face of Lily's while she is tugging on her toes like it is a perfect time to be awake.

➡knowing even when I'm having the worst day I can come home and my girls can turn it all around just by simply existing.

➡knowing my days will be hectic and revolve around them and being perfectly okay with it.

These are just a few things out of so many things like makes being Ava and Lily's mom so awesome.

Being Ava and Lily's mom has been the most rewarding thing to ever happen to me. They bring a purpose to my life and they make me a stronger and happier person
with each passing day.

Some days are definitely harder than others I won't lie. But more than most days, I count my lucky stars for being blessed with this wonderful life.

Happy early mother's day!

And to all a good night.

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