Sunday, April 15, 2018

Spring Cleaning: Reasons to Hire a Professional Organizer

So with spring in full bloom, who has that itch to do some spring cleaning?

Today, I'm sharing my recent spring cleaning project and my first experience with a professional organizer, Kate from Orchid Organizing.

Last summer our family moved into a new house. The house was built in 1984 and we fell in love with its quirky floor plan and because it had so much room for the whole family. Noah has his man cave, the kids have their own play room and it has a nice open lay out. What the house does not have (to which I sacrificed) is my dream closet. There is no walk-in closet and the space is limited for sure.

As you can imagine a small closet is not ideal for someone with a love for fashion. I had clothes and shoes just vomiting out of it every day (i.e. first photo below). There was no rhyme or reason for anything and since moving in a year ago, I haven't had the chance to deal with the mess... Insert Kate Jones.

Kate of Orchid Organizing is a professional organizer. She specializes in helping clients clear the clutter and reclaim their space. She offers services that is best suited for you- from customized plans for the do-it yourself clients that just want some direction and tips to full in-home organization where Kate will spend the time with you to help do the dirty work! Another great option she offers is virtual organizing!

Now, some may wonder... Why do you need to hire a professional organizer? Well, I am a super organized person (usually) and I know I am capable of doing it on my own. However, there are certain things professional organizers are better at.

Today, I am sharing the my reasons to hire a professional organizer:

1) The task of organizing is overwhelming. I have been in the new house for a year and still didn't know where to start. I think this happens to a lot of people. They have all the intentions but because the thought of it is so overwhelming they tend to put it off.

2. Organizing is emotional. You hang on to the same pants because you think you're going to lose the weight. You hang on to that dress because you've gotten so much wear out of it and it makes you feel good. It gets way too hard making those tough decisions on what to keep, what to donate and what to throw away.

3. Clutter accumulates quickly. There is so much out there to purchase! I know being a fashion blogger buying things becomes your work. You buy so you can blog about it and it starts to fill your closet!

4. Hiring someone to help makes you more accountable. Working with Kate, we made a plan. We set a schedule for things and we had a planned date to get the job done. It's so easy to put the non-fun chores off for another day when it's just up to you.

5. Trying to organize yourself is like trying to cut your own hair. Some tasks are just best left for the professionals. This is their sole job. They are the experts when it comes to knowing where to start, how to best manage your time and accomplish the exact results you want.


The 4 bin system! Okay, so I noticed I spelled Sell incorrectly... I had yard SALE on my mind, okay?

Time to sort! 
The cutest little helper, Mia! 
Isn't Kate just the cutest!? 
It only took two hours from start to finish to get my closet organized! 

 AFTER: I'm so happy with the results! I love using the shelves for my shoes! 

I highly recommend anyone to work with Kate! She was so great to work with. Not only is she professional and sweet but she provided so many great tips and tricks about how to sort through my items and how to creatively use the space I had.

Check her out if you've got that spring cleaning itch! Also, if you mention this blog post you'll receive her signature consultation ($100 value) for FREE!

You can find out more about Orchid Organizing HERE

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