Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Blog Struggle is Real

So truth be told, I don't have a hired professional taking my blog photos. I want to get to that point eventually with my blog but until then I rely on my Instagram husband and family/friends that don't get annoyed at my request to stop and take pictures of me.

The other evening my #igbestie, Megan of Being Mrs. Fowler, said she'd come over after work to take pictures. I took all three kiddos with me and she brought her sweet baby and a session that could have taken a quick 10-15 minutes turned into setting up strollers, grabbing the sleepy babies out of the car, making sure my other two don't run into the street and then telling them to stop running behind where we are wanting to take pictures. Sheesh!

Anyways, it was comical. The blog struggle is real people, for this mommy-wanna-be-fashion-blogger.


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