Thursday, September 3, 2015

What's In My Hospital Bag?

Being this is my third pregnancy, what I plan to bring to the hospital has changed since that first time. The first go around I remember bringing a fully stocked diaper bag, fancy night gowns, pillows, and other unnecessary items I didn’t even touch for the short two days I was in the hospital. What I didn’t know was what the hospital provided already like diapers, pacifiers, wipes, nipples, even formula. I stocked up on other things from them for me before I left like pads, tucks pads, and numbing spray (you won’t regret it--promise).

Today I’m sharing with you what I plan to take to the hospital this time around:

Let's break  it down:
  • I don't think I will even bother to bring a night gown or pajamas. Since I'm nursing this time and the buttons on the hospital gowns snap easily, I will just bring a robe to tie around me.
  • Nursing essentials-- nursing tanks, bras, and cover. I love this nursing cover that can also be used as a car seat cover and an extra top option for me too!
  • non-fancy underwear-- If you haven't had a baby before, they give you these lovely mesh contraptions they call undies. And to not ruin any fancy undies, go with a pack of comfy undies that you won't mind trashing.
  • Flip flops or slippers to walk around the room.
  • iPhone charger is a must because you'll be receiving and sending texts, calling friends and family, and taking pictures of your sweet little baby!
  • hair ties, make-up and toiletries so you can feel human again!
  • Take home outfits for mom and baby. I like to stick to simple and comfortable so that means leggings and I love this nursing top. And I can't forget my comfy moccasins. For the baby, be sure to bring a couple of different options for him/her. You don't know if the baby will be big or small so I brought a new born and 0-3 months option. I also brought mittens and a couple of beanies so I could take some cuter pictures.
  • receiving blanket. This is not a necessity because the hospital will provide you with them, but for a cuter option

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