Friday, September 4, 2015

Sole Serum to the Rescue!

Earlier this year you may have read my first post about Sole Serum. Well, I'm onto my second bottle and I've been so lucky to have discovered this magical product!

I am not sure if it's been the hot weather that is making my feet swell or being pregnant-- it's probably a combination of the two. The last couple of months my feet have swelled so badly that my shoes, even my flats, have been giving me discomfort.

Thank goodness for Sole Serum to the rescue! I keep a tube handy in my purse and the moment I feel the back of my feet rubbing against the back of my shoe, I apply a little Sole Serum and wait for the magic to happen.

If you have not heard about this product please check them out. Sole Serum is made with a combination of the pain-relieving lidocaine and natural, safe and soothing ingredients to block the pain signals in your feet from reaching your brain! Genius, right?

I highly recommend this product to any woman that loves her heels but doesn't love the discomfort heels sometimes comes with!

Sole Serum is offering a killer deal right now too! You can get 4 FREE packets of Sole Serum when you purchase a 15 ml bottle or a bridal pack now through Labor Day! 

Check out Sole Serum here

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