Monday, August 31, 2015

Third Trimester Thoughts

Wow, third trimester is here and November is right around the corner. To a few of my friends, they called this the trimester that never ends. But for me, I didn’t feel this way. Ava and Lily both came promptly at 37 weeks. Granted, the last three months did feel like the longest, I didn’t have to wait past my due date.

This time around, I was pretty slack on providing weekly belly shots and baby stats I was pretty good about my first pregnancy. Unfortunately, it’s a symptom of third pregnancy.  It’s a mix of this pregnancy flying by and my just plain laziness.   

Preparing for a third baby comes with it lots of emotions.  Some say transitioning from one kid to two is the hardest, but I think going from two to three will be hard.  Right now, each parent has a kid. They both get equal amounts of undivided attention and luckily, both my girls have their preference in parent.  I worry about Lily being the middle child only because I was a middle child and it wasn’t always fun. She is especially attached to me too so that won’t help.

The first thing in preparing for this third baby is getting the girls to sleep in their own room. I started by purchasing a bunk bed and remodeling their room. They were all excited about it in the beginning but neither of them had any interest in sleeping in there.

Ava did really well right before Christmas because she really wanted Santa to get her a bike, but we must have been softies because it didn’t take long for her to sleep with Noah in the master bedroom again. We just recently got her to sleep in the room again in the last month. She lost her first tooth and started kindergarten so we told her the tooth fairy only delivers to big girls that sleep in their own room.  So one down! One to go—the hardest part!

Lily has always slept with me (I know, I know-- parenting fail) She never slept in her own room because at the time we didn’t have a room for her nursery. Poor kid didn’t even get to have that either (another middle child thing lol!).  The first two nights Noah put her to bed without me and she cried herself to sleep. Thankfully it didn’t take long each time, maybe 10 minutes for her to fall asleep. And double thankful the crying does really bother Ava. She’s so used to Lily crying anyways.  I think we will just need to stay consistent for another month or two for it to stick.

I’ve had a lot more done with the nursery this time around. Well I skipped it all together with Lily but being that my mother-in-law moved out, the room was an empty slate.  It’s almost done. I have used a few hand-me-downs from family and friends in terms of cribs, car seats, high chairs, etc.  I did however, register for another stroller and some other boyish themed items. Clothes will be the biggest thing. Hopefully I’ll receive a few hand-me-downs there too from family.

I have awesome friends and family who are throwing me a baby shower because this is like starting fresh since I am having a boy this time around. I’m excited to see how the little boy things!

We are still working on a name. Noah gave me a list over the weekend so we have some deciding to do. Hopefully we will stick with something soon!

Other than that, the pregnancy has been going well. I do feel like I’m carrying a giant because my belly feels and looks huge. I’m not sure if it is because this is my third baby or because he’s just a big baby.

He’s been so active and the kicks are feeling more prominent. He’s really only had a couple bouts of hiccups and it’s the cutest feeling.

I’ve gained 20 lbs. already. I really hope not to gain too much more. I only gained about 25-26 lbs with both the girls.

My next appointment is the glucose testing and hopefully I’ll be scheduled for another ultrasound too! I can’t wait to see how much the baby has grown since my last sonogram at 20 weeks.  Stay tuned for more updates!

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