Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday {wiww}

Happy hump day! Are you wondering why I keep taking photos of my outfits? I was in a styling slump especially at work where I would just wear black pants and different top and just recycle it every week. It wasn't making me feel good about myself. So I came across this what I wore phenomenon where ladies were taking photos of their outfits. They were taking time to pick outfits out, to be more accountable and putting effort into their looks. Lindsay, who started this is a stay at home mom and this idea got her from wearing sweat pants and T-shirts all day every day. So I've been linking up with her over at the The Pleated Poppy blog. You should check it out and some of the other posts linked on her post! It's been a fun experience and has helped me find all kinds of inspiration in my closet! So this is what I wore this week!

A pop of color for this simple black dress! Easy choice and easily brightened up my day!

Simple white blouse, maxi skirt, and booties. The leather jacket gives this outfit a bit of edge and the bib necklace gives it color.

Polka dots and color blocking have both been very popular lately and that's no exception in my wardrobe!

I wore this yesterday in honor on of Election Day! Go red, white, and blue. Classic colors that always go together. I wore the riding boots because it was forecasted to rain all day. This chica hates wet feet and pant legs!

I found this sweater at Target last weekend and I'm in love with it! I was looking for a tweed blazer and this isn't tweed for its a close fake me out. The red flats breaks up the black and white. I was wearing cute red wedges but my poor feet couldn't take it so I switched to my emergency shoes!

Join me next week! And follow me on Instagram if you want to check out more @jtcruzan!


  1. Adorable outfits! I love the polka dots an the heart sweater. So cute.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Thanks Emily! Both tops are from Old Navy!


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