Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Good Buzz

I was reading Good Housekeeping and came across an interview with Dennis Quaid. OI'm stealing the questions (and switching it to refer to me).

1. The most rewarding part of being a mom is...when they come up in the middle of playing just to give you a hug or say I love you or when they say something or do something that cracks me up, which is daily :)

2. I make a really good...jungle gym, or so my 11 month thinks! I have the bruises to prove it.

3. My husband and I go out...not often as we should I'd hate to admit. But when we do I cherish it!

4. A typical Saturday night is...spent in our living room in our pjs watching tv, chasing lily, and playing with Ava.

5. On Sunday mornings we...have our coffee and watch kids shows. Then we all shower and get ready for the day. We usually find something to do outside of the house.

6. When my husband and I disagree about something around the house I know it's... Usually something petty. It usually turns into a joke and gets forgotten about.

7. The thing I always do around the house is... Pick. Up. Toys! They are everywhere! It's a constant battle!
8. My favorite family ritual is... Giving everyone hugs and kissing goodnight.

9. My husband would say my worst habit is... Forgetting everything. I always leave something behind when we leave the house.

10. And he'd say my best habit is...ha, that's a good question. I asked and his response was "I'm not playing these survey games." Typical answer from him lol. I guess it's a mystery!

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