Thursday, November 15, 2012

Today's Confessionals

Dear readers, it's been never since my last blog confession...

1. People are already putting up Christmas trees and decor. It's not even Thanksgiving yet! Did this happen last year too? Because I don't remember! No wonder the year seems like its going by fast!

2. When I go Christmas shopping I always manage to find something to buy myself :/

3. I am wearing my maternity leggings on today. No shame here. They are just super comfy! Actually I still wear a couple of my maternity tops too!

4. I get so happy when I get Instagram notifications and blog comments :) #thanksfortheegoboost:)

5. I am bad at drinking water and had two cokes today (don't tell hubby)

6. Stuffed my face with office potluck fixins and still managed to have pie and banana pudding. Oink! Oink!

Ok glad I could get that off my chest. I'll recite many Hail Marys now...

1 comment :

  1. LOL i'm wearing my maternity leggings too!!! love it!!


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