Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Adventures in Potty Training

I guess there is no better time than now to start the process of potty training our 2 1/2 year old. Truthfully, I think she has been "ready" for a couple of months now but we've been procrastinating. We keep telling each other we are only buying the small pack of diapers each time we go to the store. About 50 small packs later...

And since we had the long Thanksgiving weekend, Noah and I decided it was a good time to try. So far I couldn't be prouder of our Ava. She's been great about stopping what she's doing to go potty.

We started introducing her to the potty a few months back but just for her to get used to sitting on the seat. I think that helped the process out.

Then we started giving her stickers every time she went potty. She was into it for a few times and then lost interest so since she's been ok just with high praise, we are just sticking with that.

Another piece of handy advice for us was to avoid pull-ups. They are too much like diapers and we want to Ava realize quickly how uncomfortable wetting herself is.

We also decided we wouldn't go the straight naked route either. Accidents are a bit too messy. So instead, we decided on training pants. They are soft like underwear but have a bit more padding so it helps make accidents easier to clean up.

Accidents haven't been that bad. I think in the total of three days of being in training pants there have only been five. We will still stick to diapers at nap time, outings, and night time until she gets the hang of it.

So here's to being hopeful. I'm hoping by Christmas we will be buying less diapers! Not even sure, is there a normal time frame to get potty training down? Oh well, I don't think I'll stress myself out with timelines. It's up to Ava!

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