Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Home Sick

I am home sick with pink eye. well pink eyes. Monday night my eyes were irritated and red and by Tuesday morning I looked like a blood thirsty vampire. My eyes were completely bloodshot and they were burning badly. I was thinking it was allegies since my throat was itchy too but when I got to work I could barely see. I went to urgent one and was diagnosed with pink eye and was sent home so I could not spread it around the office. ugh. I felt gross all day yesterday.

I did manage to clean my house and take a nice nap though so that's the one good part out of all of this. The bad part is I've wasted two more days of my already skimpy vacation time I have left since having the baby this year, I didn't get to cuddle and kiss all over Ava last night, and I felt like absolute crud all night long constantly wiping my goopy/teary eyes and washing my hands like a mad woman every other minute.

I felt better once I got Ava down to sleep and I got some shut eye too. I woke up this morning but my eyes were still red. They are better than yesterday so I hope to go back to work tommorrow. It's been so busy there so I feel extra guilty for leaving my co-worker hanging.

Again, I feel productive today. I unpacked some more boxes from the garage and I'm almost done with laundry. I'll work in a nap and rest a bit today too but I don't get many free moments to really do some heavy duty cleaning since Ava pre-occupies my time.

I hope I wake up looking normal and not like I just got stung by a million bees.

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