Saturday, August 7, 2010


I signed Ava up for daycare this week. Right now she is being watched by a family friend but twice now she's given us a day or two advanced notice she's taking vacation and we've been frantic about getting arrangements made for someone to watch Ava. Don't get me wrong, she's a great babysitter and I love the individual attention Ava receives, but I want something more stable.

So I have a friend who told me about the daycare her daughter goes to. It is close to Noah's work and the price was not much more than I pay now. Also, the best part-- she gets to watch her daughter anytime she wants via webcam! That is such a plus for so many reasons. It helps my anxiety about leaving Ava all day, I get to see that she is safe, and anytime I need to smile I can just log on and see her sweet face.

Noah and I took a tour of the place this past Thursday. It looks like a great place for Ava. It looks like a well-run facility and they are meticulous about germs (another plus!).

I'm going to still be nervous dropping her off that first day, but I think I'll be okay. It will be good for Ava to interact with other kids and to have structure. It will help her to be okay around other adults too. I don't want a clingy, shy child.

Anyway, she starts in September. Woo Hoo.

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  1. Riley loves Calvary!!And being able to watch Ava on webcam is awesome! I would love to be able to watch Riley, but I would never get any work done ha ha! Just dont freak out when she is crying when you check in on her, it will happen, and she will be fine :) May even tire her out for night time!


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