Tuesday, November 3, 2009

New Baby Welcome Wagon

Well, last Friday's appointment was not the big day we were hoping for. The ultrasound tech wasn't able to see the goods. I have to now wait 3 weeks!!! However, the good news is the baby is healthy :) I also gained 4 lbs. I was starting to get worried because until then I wasn't gaining any weight.

My friend Cassie, who is also pregnant, was a bit luckier than Noah and I. She had an appointment yesterday and found out she's having a girl! I am so excited for her and Thomas! I am also so thrilled we get to go through our first pregnancy together :)

Today I came home to a sweet surprise in the mail. The package was addressed to Noah and I and the envelope was from "New Baby Welcome Wagon". I opened it up and found three cute beanies and a letter. I am not sure who the gift is from but I think it is such a cute and thoughtful gesture. My only clue to who it would be is on the stamp. It was sent from a Bloomingdale zipcode. Hmmmm... I can't recall anyone I know living in Bloomingdale??? Well I'm really excited for all the surprises to come each month. Whoever you are, thank you!!!!

( If you can't read it this is what the letter said:

We heard the news--a Baby is due!!!

Knowing that your life will never be the same again is both the most awe-inspiring and most wonderful thing.

To let you know how happy we are for you, a little something will be sent your way each month till the wonderful day...

Being a little behind, we'll play catch up, so check your mail! ) So sweet Right???

I feel loved!

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  1. Wow! A surprise gift, how exciting! Thanks for my shout-out on your blog :) i cant wait to find out what you are having!!!


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