Monday, November 30, 2009

22 Weeks

Well I guess the weekly pictures are stopping and we are heading into monthly pictures. This is weeks 21-24: papayas.
Noah and I have decided on a first name for our baby girl. We are going to name her Ava. We are still thinking on what we want her middle name to be though. I have been feeling very pregnant lately. My tummy is popping out and I can really feel the baby kicking more and more.

How far along? 22 weeks, 4 days

Total weight gain/loss: 12 lbs! I weighed myself right after Thanksgiving so that might not have been a good idea. I go back to the doctor this Friday so we'll see what the scale says. So far I've been gaining at a good pace, but it's starting to depress me how BIG i am getting. But I just have to remind myself that 1) it's in the best interest of Ava and 2) I can lose it. (hopefully)

Stretch marks? according to if I may begin to see them around this time. yikes! I hope not.

Sleep: I've been sleeping okay so far but I definitely feel a difference in pre-pregnancy sleep and pregnancy sleep. My back aches sometimes.

Best moment this week: It will be on Friday when I get to hear Ava's heartbeat.

Movement: Feeling lots these days and it's still an amazing feeling each time.

Food cravings: my recent craving was krispy kreme doughnuts. Yummy HOT doughnuts!

What I miss: feeling attractive. I love being pregnant but there are those I feel huge moments and I've had those moments recently.

What I’m looking forward to: making it to 24 weeks will put my mind at ease a little. should anything happen, that will be the marker for viability.

Here's a belly shot from Thanksgiving weekend.


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