Monday, November 16, 2009

20 weeks

My goodness, the baby is as big as a cantaloupe???

I can't believe I am already at 20 weeks. I was so anxious to get past the first trimester to ease my worrying mind. Back at 6 weeks I didn't think time was going by fast enough. Now time is really flying by. Part of me is sad because I really have enjoyed my pregnancy so far and part of me is excited because it is one more week closer to meeting this little one inside my belly!

I've been feeling so much movement this week. And the biggest thing for me this week was feeling and seeing the baby move from outside my belly. It was the coolest thing. I've already had this thing with rubbing my belly or just resting my hand there just in case the baby moves. I also have been sitting on the couch with my belly hanging out and sleeping the same way too. I know it probably sounds weird but it makes me feel closer to the baby. Anyways, last week I was just laying on the couch resting my hand on my belly (Oh yeah, and I stare at my exposed belly alot too) and all of a sudden I felt a little bump. I looked down to see if would happen again and bump!! It was so cool. Noah even felt it that night. He thinks I'm making most of the movement up but I had solid proof this time! It was awesome.

And to make this week even better, last night when we got home from Virginia, there was another package delivered to us from the New Baby Welcome Wagon!

This time we got washcloths! It's still a mystery as to who is sending us these gifts though. It drives me nuts because I want to know. Hopefully it will reveal itself in time. I love surprises :)


  1. Horray for 20 weeks =)ONE MORE DAY ONE MORE DAY! hahaa

    I'm glad we get to experience this together. -Deena

  2. Goodness, already the size of a cantaloupe!? i am a little worried about that size, much less the babies getting even bigger before they make their exit :)

  3. Deena, I'm so jealous you are finding out in less than 24 hours! Could this week going any slower for me??? And I am glad we get to experience this together too :)

    Ugh, I definitely don't want to think about that yet! It's scares me to death!


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