Monday, May 7, 2018

Mom of Four: Survival Tips

The number one question I get about being a mom of four kids is probably, "HOW DO YOU DO IT?"

I usually laugh and answer them with "I have no clue!" But, the truth is there are some nuggets of wisdom I can pass to moms who wonder how I survive the craziness that is my current season of life! .
For those who do not know, I have four kids all under 8-- Ava (8), Lily (6), Levi (2) and Mia (11 months). It is circus at my house most of the time, but I do rely on some tips for survival.

Today, I'm sharing those tips with you.

1. Share the responsibility. Every day I thank the Lord I don't have to do it alone. My husband Noah is an equal parenting partner and we tag team! The older girls are semi self-sufficient and they are great helpers as well. When I need help with the little ones I can count on the rest of the family to pitch in!

2. Prepare as much as possible the night before. This isn't always possible or easy. Noah has to travel for work and for those days planning is critical. I try to plan out what I will cook the next night, have the girls pick out their school clothes, pack lunches and make bottles so it saves me time in the morning and we can get out of the door on time.

3. Lean on your support system. Don't be afraid to ask for or accept help when it is offered. I used to hate asking for help but I quickly learned I needed to lean on my support system and there was nothing wrong with receiving it. I guess I used to feel like a failure of a mom for not being able to handle my mom duties. But getting help does not mean you're a bad mom.

4. Coffee. Coffee definitely helps! I wasn't really a coffee drinker before I had kids... oh how things have changed. And if coffee isn't your thing, maybe a glass of wine is :)

5. Let go of perfection. I have always been a perfectionist. When I was in school I was so hard on myself to get the straight A's, etc. When I became a parent, letting go of perfection was a huge adjustment. But, once I did, it made motherhood easier. Not all your days are going to go the way you want. Actually I'd say those days are rare. But it's OK. Your kids are fine and tomorrow is a whole different day. I think the best trait of all children is their willingness to forgive. They are way better at it than adults for sure!

6. Make time for yourself.  This one is important. I think when you neglect yourself you're not doing any good for anyone; Not your children, your spouse, and definitely not for yourself. You should not feel selfish for wanting some me-time. I admit I struggle with this myself. But even locking the bathroom door and showering alone is enough for me to refuel. I like to spend my me-time with my girlfriends too. How do you make time for yourself?

7. Pick your battles.  Your kids are going to have these crazy moods where they don't want to cooperate and will fight you on everything! So sometimes to get us all out of the door it means letting your kid pick their own outfit or leaving the house without brushing their teeth.

8. Kids Thrive on Schedules.  With four kids schedules are so important. When your kids are used to a schedule getting them moving is so much easier. They know what to expect and they won't fight you on things. My kids are pretty good about when 8:00 rolls around. They know they need to brush their teeth and give their goodnight hugs and kisses then head to bed.

None of this is anything extraordinary but I definitely depend on these the most. I think they can apply for any amount of kids you may have. Please share your wisdom with me if you have any additional survival tips! Parents Unite!


  1. Clicklist at Kroger has been a lifesaver for me. I dont always have the time or energy to drag three kids through the store. And, when I do they usually drive me to distraction and I leave without everything I need. Clicklist allows me the time to make good decisions, prevents me from picking up extra goodies and helps save money!

    1. Yes, I have wanted to try this service along with Shipt. I think Publix has a delivery service too!


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