Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Favorite Items for Busy Moms

There are a ton of lists out there of new mom essentials that consists of things to prepare you for your new bundle of joy but that's not what I am sharing today.

I am a busy mom of four and I want to share 6 of my favorite items I use for all the time! There are just some things you come to really love and use often.

No. 1 Baby Wipes 

I carry baby wipes with me everywhere. They are essential for diaper changes but I use them for everything-- runny noses, cleaning up messes, sticky hands, you name it. I always have a pack in my car because there's no telling when I will need them! I order these suckers in bulk from Sam's Club or Amazon. The wipes from here are super durable and are cloth-like. 

No. 2 Wet Bags

I discovered wet bags when I had Levi. They are so great. I have them in a variety of sizes. The smaller bags I use to carry the kids' snacks in. I have a medium bag in the diaper bag just in case I have soiled clothes in public. I carry the larger one a lot in the summer because they are great to bring to the pool or beach. After I change the kids out of their suits I'll toss them in a wet bag! My favorites are from Logan and Lenora. They have super cute size options and their prints are just adorable!

No. 3 Happy Planner 

I still have not given up my planner. In order to keep up with all my appointments and kids' schedules I like to see what I have going on monthly. My favorite planner which I have used for the past three years is from  the Happy Planner.  I usually purchase mine from Michael's. These planners are awesome because they are super customizable with the disc-bound system and combines your need for organization and you love for creativity!  

No. 4 Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Nail Polish

It's hard for me to get to the nail salon so when I want a quick self-manicure I always go for my Sally Hansen Insta-Dri nail polish. It dries super quickly because you know in 5 minutes someone will be calling your name! It has a built in base and top coat so it makes the whole process easy! I'd say it has better wear than most nail polishes and is super budget-friendly.

No. 5 Wet Brush

If you're a mom to daughters and you don't own a wet brush you need to get one asap! This brush is awesome! I don't have to fight the girls when I have to do their hair as the brush goes through their hair effortlessly breaking up tangles without tugging at their scalp. 

No. 6 Moss & Marsh Bath Set

I love this bath set from Moss & Marsh. Have you ever found yourself soaked after bathing your babies? With the bath apron keeps you dry and the bath mit stays on your hand so you can enjoy bath time with your little ones. Also, I'm a huge fan of their hooded towel. It's super thick and soft. I use the same towel to dry off both babies. I also find it a bit larger than most hooded towels so it has better coverage. With the set, you save 10% so I recommend getting the set versus buying the items separately! You'll also love the fun coastal prints too!

Do you use any of these items? And if you have some items that aren't on my list please share with me in the comments below what I need to have in my life or try immediately! We moms need to stick together and share those mom hacks with each other!

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