Thursday, May 17, 2018

Mia Claire is One!

It's a happy day! Our Mia Claire is one year old! She's the baby, the one that completes the Cruzan crew. It's so funny that last December we were all super surprised at the news that we were expecting another baby. But I am so grateful for our sweet little blessing. She is as sweet as a peach and that's exactly how we decided on her birthday theme.

Mia loves songs. Her favorite at the moment is "Open, Shut Them". She can do the hand movements along with the song and it's the cutest thing. She loves peek-a-boo and her favorite time of day is bath time! She loves to play with her brother's toys and explore the whole house. She has a field day with toilet paper; shredding it to bits!

Her nick name is Ging-Ging. I have no clue how it came to be but her daddy says it to her and she loves it. She laughs infectiously when her siblings chase her or surprise her! She has recently learned to blow kisses and respond to high-fives!

Mia is definitely a momma's girl. She loves to hold onto my neck and squeeze it! My favorite is when I ask for a kiss and she brings her face into kiss me and says hmm, muah!

She can stand on her own a little and is taking one to two steps but she's not walking yet. She does travel across the furniture so I think it will be any day now. She crawls crazy fast and zips around the house in the walker!

She can imitate funny noises and can wave good-bye. She can say da-da, ma-ma and uh-oh! She currently has four teeth and is a great eater.

We just love her so much! We can't wait to celebrate with her this weekend! Stay tuned for a separate blog post on her party details!

Here are photos from our recent session with Midnight in Georgia Photography. I love the silly faces Ashley captured of our sweet Mia.

If you're looking for a photographer definitely check Ashley out. She is so sweet and wonderful to work with! 

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