Thursday, November 9, 2017

Levi is 2!

Happy Birthday to our Levi boy! He is two years old!
Levi is two!

Above Photography courtesy of Mint Bliss Photography

Levi is growing like a weed and is learning so much every day. He is the funniest and I find myself staring at him all the time because I just love everything about him at this stage! He loves to sing songs and dance. He runs around the house and does this thing with his one arm that cracks us up!

He is really starting to talk clearer and is his daddy's biggest fan right now. I love how he interacts with his little sister Mia. His partner in crime is Lily. He loves to dance and chase the girls around and wants to get into whatever they are into these days.

We are not quite ready for potty training but hopefully that will be soon!

His favorite toys are cars and balls and he loves to blow bubbles.

He gives me this look and knows just when to come give me a kiss or a hug.  I soak it all in because one day soon he's not going to be so cuddly with me.

We celebrated his birthday with family over the weekend with football and chili. Our family is taking a trip to Disney to celebrate more after Christmas!

We are excited to see what this year has in store for our little man!

We love you, Levi!

Newborn Levi
Levi at 4 months old
Levi at 7 months old
Levi at 12 months old
Levi at 14 months old

Photography above by The Art of Birth Photography

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