Thursday, November 23, 2017


I know the holiday craziness has commenced and we all have a ton of things on our to-do list but in the spirit of Thanksgiving I wanted to take a moment to share the things I am thankful for this year. There is always something to be thankful for.

thank.ful: adj.: pleased and relieved. expressing gratitude and relief.

In no particular order... here it goes:

1) Mia. She has been the easiest baby and I think she knows since she was a complete surprise and baby #4 she better be!
2) My mother-in-law. She's been such a big help and is the BEST grandparent to my babies!
3) a husband that remembers shit for me
4) the drive home to/from work with Levi and Mia. Levi and I have conversations in the car and we sing. It's like our little time together.
5) family. I could not have stayed sane while Noah took his weeklong business trips without the help of our family to come rescue us!
6) not getting into a car accident. I have only been in one and it was BAD. Ava won't let me live it down either.
7) kid-free lunch break shopping trips.
8) making it 6 months breast-feeding. only 6 more to go!
9) my king size bed
10) I am not currently moving. That shizz sucks. Especially with a newborn and travelling hubby
11) This day. It definitely isn't promised
12) healthy kids
13) no drama. Nobody got time for it.
14) a home. comfy and cozy and ours.
15) uninterrupted showers. It's rare but I cherish them
16) my marriage. We are happy and in a great place.
17) coffee. period.
18) my bills are paid.
19) my job.
20) my friendships. I have the best!
21) egg drop soup. I'm still not tired of it. I had this craving throughout my pregnancy with Levi and its still an ongoing love affair
22) weekends. especially ones that include naps (also rare)
23) target trips. my happy place
24) not getting a medical bill in the mail!
25) Amazon prime- yay for two-day free shipping and having everything I need
26) cool mornings
27) when Levi is willing to walk on his own when I have to carry the baby too in the morning when I drop him off at daycare
28) we are all together. Until next week when Noah leaves for Sweden again!
29) bobby pins. I literally rock the same hair do every morning bc I have no time to curl my hair
30) my kids still want to love on me. It won't last long and I want to hang on to these moments with them.
31) my siblings. we will forever be there for each other. We promised.
32) my dad. He loves us so and has taught me so much.
33) I'll be spending Christmas with the whole Cruzan family
34) my chaotic momlife. There are times I want to pull my hair out but that's my life and I love it. It will be quiet eventually and then I'll look back ans miss it so much
35) ice cream. seriously want it after every meal.
36) leggings because they are life!
37) ice cold coca-cola
38) Felicity is on Hulu
39) social media- it's kept me connected and also inspired
40) my health
41) Ava & Lily, my girlies. They fight like crazy now but at least I know they will have a best friend for life.
42) I don't have to do laundry- Noah does a majority of the cleaning and I'm so grateful
43) Levi, my only boy. He's a true boy's boy and so sweet to me
44) Facetime. I think we call Sarah (noah's sister) every week and the kids can stay connected
45) my iphone
46) Noah- I love him so much and he puts up with my crazy ass
47) this blog
48) We made it through our family photos. The gnats were horrible that weekend but we still managed to get some good shots!
49) clean water and food to feed our mouths each day
50) God. He is merciful and everything that is good.

Photography by Mint Bliss Photography

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving surrounded by family and good food!Remember, it is not happy people who are grateful; it is grateful people who are happy :)

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