Wednesday, January 8, 2014

What I Wore Wednesday {wiww}

The 2014 Closet Remix continues. It's a IG tag-up with other ladies vowing not to shop for a whole month and remixing items in their closets instead. So far I'm going strong. I have been staying away from tempting retail emails and closing my eyes when I walk through Target. I've decided if I can't shop for shoes, clothes, or jewelry it will give me the extra mula to pick up a few things for my office nook project (#3 on my 30 Things list). 

Here are more outfits from the week. Of course I'm linking up with Lindsey of The Pleated Poppy! Check her out to get the scoop on all that is "What I wore"
Day 2

Day 3 (spent in pjs) Day 4:

 Day 5

I am obsessed with these Kate Spade Keds! 

Day 6: first day back at work. I was feeling blue. Hehehe.. get it? 

Day 7
I love this necklace my sister gave me for Christmas!


  1. LOVE all of these outfit combinations. I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE to own those polka-dotty Kate Keds. You are so great at accessorizing. I think I'm going to try to lay out my outfits before wearing them this week so I can capture the up close details like you did. Great idea!!

  2. CA-UTE outfit combos!! I LOVE that they are chic and edgy!!

  3. Those Kate Spade Keds are absolutely to die for!!!

  4. The B&W scarf and those spotted Keds are awesome!

  5. I love those keds and I am hoping to buy that KS bag with some tax money :) I want the gold sparkle one or the hot pink! Is that the jcrew vest?! I have been scouring ebay for it but it's like $200 everywhere! I wish the stores still had them :\ super cute black boots too!! And those polka dot pants are awesome!


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