Monday, December 10, 2012

Ten on Ten

Instead of 10 photos every tenth of the month like I should be doing, I'm giving you a sneak peek into the 10 things I've got going on in my head today!

1. Strawberry limeades and sonic chewy ice are yummy!

2. It doesn't feel like Christmas is in a couple of weeks because its almost 80 degrees here :/

3. Can't believe my Lily turns one on Wednesday! Where does the time go?!

4. So excited Lily is off formula and will be graduating to a big girl car seat! Carrying her in a baby seat has been killing my arms! And that formula was expensive!

5. Every time I come home feeling accomplished from Christmas shopping I realize I'm only partially done with everyone and get disappointed I can't cross off anyone off the list :/

6. Glad I only work 4 days this week! I'm taking off Wednesday to spend a fun day with the birthday girl!

7. My best friend is having her baby boy any day now and I can't wait! So happy for Heather and Mark! I remember all those emotions of that big moment when life was no longer going to be the same and how my whole heart filled with joy!

8. I need to get a moving on wrapping presents!

9. Christmas carols are on full rotation on the ride home from work!

10. I need suggestions on how to repel my baby from her fascination with pulling all the ornaments off my tree!!!! She thinks its a game! Not good!

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