Thursday, August 16, 2012

Time Needs to Slow Down!

Everyday I feel as if my life is just flashing by. My girls are a constantly reminding me of that. They are both at such different stages and I just want to soak it all in.

Just a brief summary on what's going on in both their worlds:

Ava- 29 months old:
Ava is like a sponge. She is constantly saying stuff and we are always asking ourselves, "where did that come from?". For example. I was cutting up and apple for her the other day and she came up to me and instead of saying the usual thank you she says gracias! It takes us by surprise and we laugh usually. She's such a smart little girl. The latest thing she knows is her birthday. You ask her and she'll say "march seventeen!" She is in the beginnings of potty training. She's had lots of successful #1's and a few not so successful #1's. No #2's yet. She likes to wear dresses and enjoys dancing and singing to all her shows on TV. She loves her daddy.

Lily- 8 months old:
Her most recent milestone reached? Crawling! She's not that fast but I'm sure in no time she'll be crawling all around the house. She has the funniest little laugh. She can shake her head no. She's obsessed with paper. She likes to tear it up loves to stick it in her mouth. Well actually everything ends up in her mouth. She's so feisty and has a temper! She's also obsessed with me! I can't leave the room without her crying for me.

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