Tuesday, August 28, 2012

It's the Little Things...

It's the little things that make me realize how old I really am.

Well first off, when my sister sends me a first day of school picture of my nephew and niece. Alex is in the 8th grade and Camille is in the 2nd grade. How did this happen? I was in high school when Alex was born and he'll be high school next year!

Monet, my other niece is driving, has a job, and will be graduating high school this school year!

Alyssa, the first grandkid of our family started her first day of college the other day. Crazy! I feel like I just graduated college just yesterday! Sadly, it's been 6 years!

But more than any of these things, what makes me most emotional about getting older is the little milestones my babies are hitting at a rapid pace!

Ava is learning to use the potty and she is talking more and more like a little adult.

Lily is gaining more independence everyday. She is pulling up on everything, crawling all over the place, and is learning to feed herself.

I'm glad I still have a couple of years before Ava starts school and still many more years when they still need me :) I certainly need them! My loves, my reason for living.

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