Thursday, August 30, 2012

I am a Follower

I have been following several blogs since I started my own. I love it when I come across a great one. I like to read about different family dynamics, fashion, cooking, you name it. It's like reading my favorite magazine!

So I thought I'd share a few of my favorites with you!

1. Lisa Leonard Blog. I first came across her blog because every Wednesday she posts a "What I Wore" entry that I like looking at. She has cute style and she's a busy mom so it style that is suitable for the every day woman. She tags the clothes she buys too so if you like a piece you where she bought it from and it's usually in my price range! But she has an awesome family life and I love reading about it! Is that weird that i like reading about a complete stranger? Oh well, I'm weird, so be it! She also has a jewelry shop that sells really unique pieces!

2. In Lisa's What I Wore posts she links up with the originator of this concept. This lead me to follow another mom and cute business owner, Lindsey! She sells handmade accessories that are very cute! She also has fun entries on her family, DIY projects, and practical outfits. You can follow her at!

3. My next favorite blog is Joy's Hope. I first stumbled across her blog during a very difficult time in my life when we miscarried with our first pregnancy. But my story no where near compared to Julie's. It made me cry reading about her journey. But her journey had a very happy ending and I absolutely love reading her blog. She has the most precious family and her posts often make me laugh out loud. Hers is a must read!

I've been delving into a lot of fashion blogs lately too. I like the ones that offer choices I can afford and sometimes pull out of my own closet. They inspire me to put together pieces I wouldn't think to put together. I also like practical outfits and not fufu ones you would see on a runway or ones you would look ridiculous in or pay ridiculous prices for. Here are my top fashion blogs I follow on a daily basis:
Kendi Everyday
Lily's Style
Hello Fashion
Perfection Possibilities
Cupcakes and Cashmere
Putting Me Together

So there you go, because I know you were dying to know!

I wonder if anyone reads my blog? Hahaha!

Thank you fans :)

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