Monday, January 23, 2012

Returning to the Real World

Seriously, who decided 6 wks maternity leave was plenty?

Mentally I have been trying to block the idea of me having to return to the real world. I'd much rather fill my thoughts with my two precious babies, but after setting my alarm clock tonight to be getting up in a few hours, it really sets in.

I have enjoyed being home with Ava especially because she is really active and she's learning so many new things. Lately she's been talking and putting more and more things together. I love her kisses she gives me when I'm not even asking for them. I love taking naps with her and watching her sleep. I love how she whispers "gentle" as she strokes Lily's cheek. She snuggles with me in the morning on the couch. That's what I hate most about going back to work.

Hopefully the day will go by fast and then I can run home to my babies!

Happy Lunar New Year!

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