Tuesday, January 17, 2012

MLK Weekend Wrap Up

Noah's sister Sarah and her girls came down thursday to meet the baby and visit with Ava. We did what we do best, eat, most of the time. Ava really enjoyed the girls. They left yesterday and today felt very quiet. I hate the day after our guests leave. Hopefully we will see them in a couple of months for Ava's birthday.

It was cloudy today, very fitting for how we felt. I received some very sad news that a friend we got to know and love passed away this morning after battling cancer. This could not have happened to a more undeserving family. Erin and Jeff were Noah's mom's neighbors. They were a young newly married couple when we first met them and just the two sweetest people. We connected very quickly since we had puppies around the same time. We also went through some of the same experiences trying to have a baby. Erin and I suffered miscarriages at the same time. She had another one after that. But eventually they became pregnant again. It was not the easiest pregnancy. She was put on bed rest for most of it but Erin had such a positive attitude about it. This wouldn't be the only trial they would face however. One day during work as a police officer, Jeff suffered a seizure. They did some scans and discovered he had a brain tumor. He had several surgeries to try to remove them. During this time, Carter, their son was born. He is such a cutie and looks just like his daddy! Jeff and Erin were very active people and it was heartbreaking to see how drastically their life had changed after discovering the tumors. But still, every time I saw Erin she still presented strength. The last time I saw them was last May for Patty's retirement party. Jeff was able to walk and talk fairly well and Carter was just as cute as ever! We had been hearing that Jeff's condition was deteriorating fast after the holidays. His tumors were back and they had multiplied. Jeff was no longer eating and hospice was called. Hearing the news this morning was heartbreaking. The only silver lining of this whole ordeal is knowing Jeff isn't suffering anymore and Erin still has Carter to get her through this. I am praying for Erin. That time will heal her and she can be at peace.

I am unbelievable humbled today. I thank God for what he has blessed me with and put my complete trust in Him.

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